Responses to Feedback – 5th March 2014

5 March, 2014

The posters we have had all last year in the toilets advertising the library are cute but I find it very confronting having a child look at me in shock every time I go to the toilet. I know they are meant to look in shock because of the question given but their faces are like a reaction to what I am doing in the toilet. I may be sensitive but please change your advertising pictures…I loved the book ones you had the previous year e.g. how to knit with dog hair… No more kids in the toilet please.
Thank you for your feedback we will investigate the situation.

Library information service

I am also frustrated by the new library catalogue. Why is it so slow at night when I expect not many people are using it. And I am unable to locate a book I know is in the library. Could you please provide a sensible answer to my question. Your response to other feedback has been dismissive and unhelpful. Thank you for your attention.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your additional feedback about the new Library catalogue.

Our new library catalogue, NewCat+ is a major enhancement and now includes both our traditional library catalogue and most of our journal databases (over 300 sources), making it possible to retrieve a selection of resources with just one search, including numerous journal articles.

Due to the vast coverage of this new search interface, there have been and will continue to be progressive refinements to improve the performance of the system, including ranking of search results and ease of use.

 Of particular relevance to you may be the following information:

 To retrieve the most relevant set of results, please use quotation marks to search for a phrase or specific title (book, journal title, journal article etc).

 For example, “themes and conventions of elizabethan tragedy”

 From your initial set of results, it is important to select either ‘Library Catalogue’ or ‘Journal articles’ from the ‘Limit By’ links on the left hand side of the screen.

 • Choose ‘Library catalogue’ to display our traditional library holdings – books, ebooks, journal titles, DVDs etc;

• Choose ‘Journal articles’ to display results from our journal databases, including full text articles.

 From there, if you need to use them, you have a number of other limiters or ‘facets’ that you can use to pinpoint the results you want – for example, location, format or publication date.

 For further search tips, please see the Search Tips webpage @

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the “slowness” of response times at night as this will depend on several factors which include the traffic on the University network, the specific search terms used and now many “hits” found in the catalogue as well as the 300+ databases simultaneously searched, as well as the capacity of your local (off campus) internet service provider.

With kind regards,

Library Information Service

Lack of support for Undergraduate Honours students in terms of access to the same facilities as Postgraduate research students. Both entities of students are conducting research under the University of Newcastle. There are swipe-card accessible rooms with desk space, computer, printing and locker facilities available to Postgraduate students across the University. At the present time these facilities (Huxley Library Room HC109 specifically) appear underused (empty). Would it be possible for Honours students, by application, to have access to these, or similar facilities? I understand that ‘silent study zones’ and desk access is plentiful in both libraries, however, for a student conducting research full time it is difficult and tedious to establish routine, concentrate and use time effectively when significant portions of the day are spent setting up and packing up and finding space to work. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.  


Your enrolment at the university determines the type of student you are and what you are able to access when on campus. Therefore, on our library system your access to library services and resources is as an undergraduate student.

Huxley post graduate room is very small, 3PCs and 1 Mac. This room is used heavily by post graduate students during semester and even if you were able to access the room, it may be very difficult for you to use the room as regularly as you need. There would be post graduates waiting for you, to vacate your chair.

One of the problems with Huxley library is there isn’t enough space to accommodate the many thousands of students we have each day. We do have lockers in our post grad room for use for the post graduate students to store their documents, research etc. in the lockers. Due to space issues at Huxley, we are unable to place the lockers anywhere else. Lockers are available at the Auchmuty library in the AIC (Auchmuty Information Common) but I do understand it may be difficult for you to walk with your books over to Auchmuty.

 I am very sorry I am unable to offer you a solution. Have you checked with your school or your supervisor to see if Medical Radiation provides a study space or spare rooms that may be available for you to use?

 Also, it might be worth suggesting to your supervisor that your course of study be looked into to see if they can change your student status so you are able to gain access to other areas on campus for students conducting research.

 Thank you for your feedback

 Library Information Service

Responses to Feedback 9th October, 2013 – 3rd February, 2014

3 February, 2014



Thank you for your email.

Please refer to the following information re the Library’s new Catalogue, NewCat+ with kind regards.The Library is pleased to announce the launch of its new search platform, NewCat+ – so much more than just the library catalogue.Accessed from the search box on the Library’s homepage, and incorporating both the library catalogue and the majority of the Library’s subject databases, NewCat+ will enable you to find results from a large collection of library resources with a single search.No longer will it be necessary for your students to identify and individually search several subject databases in order to find good quality scholarly articles for their essays. With one quick keyword search, they will have a wealth of reliable academic resources at their fingertips.The NewCat+ search interface works in a similar way to Google Scholar – it is simple and straightforward to use, and results lists can be narrowed down using “facets” such as publication date, format, location and peer reviewed status. And with Newcat+ there is the added benefit of knowing that the students will not have to evaluate the quality of the sources they are searching – all the databases included in NewCat+ are good quality, academic, reliable information sources. Of course, NewCat+ incorporates all of the existing information
from the library catalogue, and also includes the Course Reserves reading lists (formerly short loans online), all searchable from the Library’s homepage.No more excuses for unreliable Wikipedia references – recommend NewCat+ as the easiest and best place for your students to begin their research.If you currently include links to, or information about the library catalogue or Course Reserves (short loans online) in your course outlines, please update the relevant sections to reflect these changes.See our Course Reserves
web page for more information about Course Reserves (Short Loans), including adding new Course Reserves items and linking to Course Reserves from your Blackboard course More information about NewCat+, including details of the main features and search tips is available from the Library website.


The new library catalogue is not working again. It is 7:30 at night but as a busy academic I use this time to work on my research. This has been happening frequently in the last few weeks.Mr Anderson – what are you and your team doing? I have always relied on the Library to be the shining light of the uni but it now seems you are slipping. Library staff tell me that NEWCAT is not available anymore and we must use this new version from now on. But it is not working, your staff are polite with me but they also seem frustrated.

Thank you for your email.

Please refer to the following information re the Library’s new Catalogue, NewCat+ with kind regards.The Library is pleased to announce the launch of its new search platform, NewCat+ – so much more than just the library catalogue.Accessed from the search box on the Library’s homepage, and incorporating both the library catalogue and the majority of the Library’s subject databases, NewCat+ will enable you to find results from a large collection of library resources with a single search.No longer will it be necessary for your students to identify and individually search several subject databases in order to find good quality scholarly articles for their essays. With one quick keyword search, they will have a wealth of reliable academic resources at their fingertips.The NewCat+ search interface works in a similar way to Google Scholar – it is simple and straightforward to use, and results lists can be narrowed down using “facets” such as publication date, format, location and peer reviewed status. And with Newcat+ there is the added benefit of knowing that the students will not have to evaluate the quality of the sources they are searching – all the databases included in NewCat+ are good quality, academic, reliable information sources. Of course, NewCat+ incorporates all of the existing information
from the library catalogue, and also includes the Course Reserves reading lists (formerly short loans online), all searchable from the Library’s homepage.No more excuses for unreliable Wikipedia references – recommend NewCat+ as the easiest and best place for your students to begin their research.If you currently include links to, or information about the library catalogue or Course Reserves (short loans online) in your course outlines, please update the relevant sections to reflect these changes.See our Course Reserves
web page for more information about Course Reserves (Short Loans), including adding new Course Reserves items and linking to Course Reserves from your Blackboard course More information about NewCat+, including details of the main features and search tips is available from the Library website.

Responses to Feedback 5th September – 8th October

8 November, 2013

I have noticed recently that the Miller Collection of novels in the lounge reading room area of the Auchmuty Library is being reduced and there are only a few shelves of books left. What is happening to this collection. At present I am in the middle of exam preparation and finishing assignments etc but I was looking forward to doing some recreational reading when my time is not so taken up with uni studies. I often go in to the collection and browse through and anticipate what I can borrow when I have the time. I think the collection is a wonderful addition to the library services. I have also noticed hat the travel guides down stairs near the coffee shop are no longer there or very few. That is another place I spent some spare time dreaming and researching holidays. 

Thank you for your feedback.

As a user of the Miller Collection and the Travel Guides located in the AIC, you will have noticed that  many of these books have physically deteriorated with high use and are no longer in an acceptable condition or contain content which has dated. Accordingly, the decision was made to discard those items which had reached the end of their “shelf-life” and replace them with newer titles and/or new copies. This process will take place progressively over the next few months.

Unfortunately, in the interim, the range of titles available will shrink. It is also unfortunate that there is no perfect or ideal time of the year when this work can be completed such that no disruption or inconvenience occurs. However, I would ask you please to be patient as the outcome of this work should ensure that both the Miller Collection and the Travel Guides collection are substantially better as a result.

Kind regards,

Information Service


Where have the Lonely Planet guides gone from the AIC? I asked a member of the library staff and they said that it was possible that they had been discarded. What a waste of an extremely valuable resource. I eat my lunch at the lounges next to the newspaper collection everyday and they are in constant use by students taking a break from study or planning a get away.

Very disappointed.
Thank you for your feedback. Fear not !The lonely planet guides are currently being updated (new copies being purchased & processed). When the replacements arrive they will be rehoused in the aic area

I do not feel it is appropriate for a person to bring their child to work. A Rover is doing this. On several occasions the Rover has bought her child for the 4 hour shift.Recently the child was ill and
coughed and complained for the 4 hours. This is incredibly inconsiderate and rude. I am a poor uni student and would give my eye teeth for $30+ per hour

Dear student,
Thank you for your feedback. This matter has been followed up and further action will be taken to ensure the quality of our rover services.

Hello there

I have a very strong request. Can the Library make a Policy that ALL PHONES BE ON SILENT, in the OIC and the Library proper. With the invention of the ‘Whistling’ phone ring/message tone, it appears that the owners of these phones feel they have the god given right to be the only inconsiderate people in both the OIC and the Library to have their phones loud. The intermittent whistling is grating, interrupting, stressing, aggravating and down right rude and discourteous. Most people are considerate and have their phones on silent. Should there be a lack of judgement in this they are apologetic. However, the owners of the ‘Whistle’ phones seem to have no sense of consideration or remorse when they continually go off.

Please take this into serious consideration.
Thank you for this suggestion, the Library understand this is of priority that is why the study areas of the Library are zones into Silent, quiet and group study areas and clearly sign posted. The OIC is not a Silent zone but there are other Silent Computer labs such as TLG on ground level inside the Library with 10 computers and TL1 on upper level with 24 computers. We also have study areas on level 1 behind the collection which are for Silent studies and we have laptops/ipads for loan if you need to use a computer around that area. If you are not sure of the best area to study in Silence please ask someone at the Info desk and they assist you.

Hello, I was wondering what is happening with the printing at the Ourimbah campus library. There seem to have been problems for a number of months now. There is at least one computer I avoid in the old 24/7 lab as I know it wont print. Students often move computers to try and find one that will print or you have to send it to one of the printers downstairs. it is really frustrating. I was sending my printing to the printers downstairs as the computer I’m on now wouldn’t print to upstairs now it wont even let me send it downstairs.
Thank you

Thanks for bring this into my attention. The rover at the information desk has checked all the PCs in lab 226 and located the one which was not printing to the colour printer. All the 46 computers there are printing well now. The rovers have been working very closely with IT Support to keep all the facilities in the library working to their best for students. Please let the rover at the information desk know if there are any problems with any of the computers. This is the busiest time for students printing in the library. I will ensure all our rovers do their very best to keep the computers and printers working to their best and help students as best as they can.
Thanks again for your feedback and good luck in your exam.


I would just like says thanks for providing rovers in the library and would like to compliment one in particular. David Hayman at Ourimbah campus has been so very helpful to me quite a few times this year, he really knows his stuff and i am very grateful. Thanks

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on the help you received from one of our Rovers (David). Our Rovers are trained to provide highest standard of customer service and well equipped to support the Library users. Glad to hear David has been very helpful for your IT support needs in the Library.

Your kind words will be pass on to David.


Could the chairs in study room 1 be looked at as there are two which are broken and may be dangerous if not repaired. Thank you in advance.

Thank You for your feedback

Responses to Feedback 22nd May – 4th September

4 September, 2013


Thanks for your prompt response, however when i go to this link, there is no “read online” or “download” option as is the case with other electronic books. The only link is “recommend to librarian”, hence my recommendation. Could you  please advise accordingly. Thank you :-)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I regret that as you did not leave your contact details, I am unable to reply.

Information Service

These e-books are becoming very problematic particularly as there is becoming an increasing number of them – I do not want to sit at my computer and read. Is it possible to get them uploaded onto a Kindle – otherwise they are useless.
How are they meant to be read unless you can put them onto your Kindle?


Unfortunately, not all ebook publishers make content available in a format which is suitable for use with devices such as a Kindle. I regret that the Library has little or no control over the format which ebook publishers use and with which devices such formats are compatible.


Could we please have a way to open the window in HC109? The dust levels are giving people allergy problems and there is a dire need for ventilation, especially in the warmer months.

Have put in a Maximo request to thoroughly clean the carpet.


There is a big problem with the way people wait for computers\, some students think that is ok to push ahead of the queue and troll the room for a spare computer, this is not fair to those who do wait inline an many students are very frustrated. I have noticed that some of the students are international and may not be aware of how the system works so please when you give tours inform all students of how the system should work.

Thank you for your feedback


There is a non-functioning link:…etc See the option for: “View full text available 01/04/1910 to present in Liverpool University Press” That is not working When testing I was able to access a selection of articles and pdf’s.

Thank you for your feedback this has been reported


I would like to request that the layout of Short Loans at Huxley Library be rearranged. Currently, it is too noisy and distracting. The alarm sensors go off every time someone returns a book to the loan desk, which is inside the Short
Loans area. The subsequent conversations are distracting. Would it be possible to redirect the area to be a quiet zone and perhaps move the library technician around?
Your feedback has been noted, thank you.


The new macs in the huxley postgraduate room are lovely; thank you for the upgrade.

However!  There are NO printers available in the drop-down menu, ergo, there is NO printing available on those computers. Also, there is no internet connectivity using Safari. I have not been able to get to this interface to raise this concern for three days!

Thank you for your feedback. If you are having trouble with the Macs in the Post Grad room or anywhere else in the Huxley library, please come to the desk and let staff know. We have a library rover who may be able to assist any IT
problems for you. Thank you for your feedback regarding the Post Grad room!

Why have the desks at Huxley Library been changed? The library help staff are now placed out of the way, and into short loans. This is not helpful. They field more questions about the library and need the larger amount of space to address as many people and inquiries as possible. The staff are very friendly, but it seems that their positioning is not user-friendly. It doesn’t seem appropriate to be discussing concerns and inquiries in the short loans area, which is traditionally a quiet/silent zone

Huxley library is a very busy library and in order to ensure good workflows we have positioned the Lending Team near the Short Loans collection and the Self Check out machine. This means that staff and students are now able to discuss any issues with short loans, holds, BONUS books or borrowing a book at the one desk.

Thank you for your feedback.


Hi Sir/Madam,

I have just received word of the planned outage to library services, tomorrow (July 10th). This means I was given 12 hours notice. Unfortunately I need access during that time. Now, I understand that sometimes outages must occur - sometimes, they are simply unavoidable – but to only give 12 hours notice is slack, and does not live up to the high level of service I have come to expect from this University.
Thank you for your feedback.
You will obviously be very pleased to know that all Library services have, as of 9:40 am Wednesday 10th July, been FULLY RESTORED. This you will of course note is a much earlier time than our American software suppliers first indicated. I would also point out that you are in fact mistaken when you mention ” 12 hours notice.” Notice was very clearly posted on the Library Homepage early on Monday 8th July.

To whom it may concern,

I’m a music staff and student. As musician need huge demand of sheet music. Sometimes pages can get up to 100. Due to technology, we can simply scan the scores/music into USB or ipad or any sort of devices. However, there’s only ONE printing machine, which located at the City Hub Ground level in University House provide USB scanning. Which cause a lot of inconveniences when music library is located at level 1. And for music teachers and students, we have to borrowed a pile of music & scores, then travel to G/F, and head back to 1/F to return the music. Therefore , I would like to suggest if we can have the same facility in the City Campus Library. Your concern will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider a networked photocopier when the contract is renewed. May I remind you about copyright limits for photocopying. You are only allowed to copy 10% of a work or song.
Thanks you


I think I may have accidentally changed some one else’s pin. Because I was tired and was entering my username and pin incorrectly, it prompted a pin number password change. When I changed it and was then logged in I discovered that I was XXXXXXX  rather than myself. I quickly logged out and have checked and resubmitted my details, but I hope I have not caused confusion for this other student, now that her pin has been inadvertantly changed. Just letting you know  how easy this mistake was to make with only one incorrect digit in my username. I apologise for any inconvenience.
Thank you for informing us.

Happy with the speed and content of response.

Thank you for your feedback.



I am writing to ask why the Ourimbah library exam period opening times were changed for this semester. The extended opening hours seemed to start a week earlier this semester and finished only one week into the exam period. This weekend  - in the middle of the exam period – the main library was only opened until 3pm. There are still two weeks left of the exam period! I use the quiet area of the library to study and find it essential during exam periods as I have two young children at home. This weekend, after the main library shut, it was impossible to get anywhere quiet to study. The 24 hour section was extremely busy and noisy. Today (Sunday 16 June) there were a lot of people wandering around the library trying to find somewhere to study – either quiet spots or group areas. There was just not sufficient areas available. There should be allocated quiet area in the 24 hour section, and the main library should be open later throughout the whole exam period – not just the first week.

Thank you for your very useful feedback. This matter has been directed to Library Management for further consideration.


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately my Library id’s do not work with the Wiley website. They work for everything else.



A big thank you to the librarians in the Huxley Library. They have helped me with many of my research issues, always with a smile.

Thank you for your feedback.


The Acland’s video atlas online is not working. It opens to a runtime error page. Could you please fix this asap?

Acland’s video atlas online is now working correctly.



hi. just wanted to say a big thank you thank you thank you to anthony at huxley this afternoon. i had a big assignment due and was freaking out about it. i did something to the file and stressed myself out even more. i went looking for the rover and he had gone home but anthony offered to help. i am embarrassed to say this but i was an emotional wreck and probably wasn’t very polite. He was so patient and kind and helped me get the file converted to pdf so that i could submit it. i don’t think i gave him a proper thank you, so hopefully this will get to him. i’m sure he’ll know who it’s from.

Thank you for your feedback.


I am up to my eyes in work, and need a book from auchmuty, why is there not a facility for staff to order books and deliver to huxley,,, going up to auchmity takes three quarters of an hour. If i get the book it benefits students… as it is don’t have the time to collect it
Dear Sir/Madam,

We do have a mail delivery between Huxley and Auchmuty libraries. However, the mail does not arrive at a specific time at each library, so we can’t guarantee the books in a timely manner. Therefore, if you request a book to be picked up at either Huxely or Auchmuty, it may well not arrive to the requested library until the next day. It is therefore quicker for staff and students to walk between the two libraries.

Thank you.

The Macs in the Post-Grad Room need immediate attention. Currently, printing to the Toshiba printer located within the room is unavailable. Printing is sent upstairs to the pool, where numerous printing jobs have gone missing due to student and printer errors. Printing via the HC-109-TOSH printer was available last year, and now it isn’t even an option in the drop-down menu to ‘add a printer’. Please fix this. Secondly, not all network user accounts are available at these computers. For instance, my user name and password is accepted on only ONE Mac. One has a yellow dot at the login screen, and again, a red dot at the other. This is unacceptable. Of the four computers available in this room, I can only access two. Thirdly, I would appreciate not having to take care of software updates whilst using these Macs. The notifications will not be ignored, and I have no power to effect any change as I am not the administrator. For example, Adobe Professional is stuck at the administrator screen, because I do not have the ability to move beyond this. This means that I cannot view ANY pdfs until the matter is resolved. Also, would it be possible to have a scanner attached to a Mac computer somewhere in the Huxley library? Finally, when I am forced to use the Macs upstairs due to their unavailability, it would also be nice not to see that of the ONE table of Macs, at least two are also unavailable. Thank you for your time

Thank you for the feedback. We have had many different issues with the Macs for a while. IT and the library are woking hard to resove these issues. We apologise for all the interuptions students are experiencing with the Macs. Hopefully, over this next week IT will have found a solution.



I appreciate your speedy response. Thanks

Thank you.

I am a first year uni student. Have had troubles printing so have been doing all of it from home. Today I couldn’t so I had to try and do it at uni. The background is have loaded $10 onto card but the print cost and release icon does not appear on screen nor does the printing come out. Yes I am doing it properly as when swiping my card at the autoloader it says I have around $7 credit so must be taking the money but not printing. Have been to student hub and they have been unable to help me so now have contacted IT etc. I approached a rover in the library this morning whose name was xxxxx, a big guy. He thought I was an idiot and treated me as such. He didn’t believe I knew about how to print and was very condescending towards me. Had to approach him twice and on the second occasion he realised I was correct about the printing. While standing near the desk where he and another person (female) were situated he said to this lady “I would expect a certain amount of (something, didn’t hear what) from uni students. Obviously this was aimed at me, and although I am a first year uni student I am more professional in my part time job than this man could ever be. He was arrogant and rude. Why you would have someone like that in a helping role is beyond me. I feel very embarrassed by the whole encounter and will not want to ask for help from any rover in future, which of course defeats the purpose of having them.

Thank you for your feedback. Rovers have all been trained on good customer service and University code of conduct. We are sorry that you had an experience that does not seem to reflect this standard but I can assure you that Library staff try to be professional in their dealing with clients at all time. Don’t hesitate to come back if you have issues while using library services.


Hello, I am a librarian at the University of Huddersfield & we are in the process of switching to APA 6th referencing style. We currently have a subscription to libguides and wondered how you created your Examples section for your
referencing libguides as we were hoping to do something similar. It’s brilliant. Any help would be great. I look forward to hearing from you. Kirsty Bower (Subject Librarian Human and Health Sciences).

We have two referencing guides, created by two different staff members who are both currently on leave. However, I can help you. Once you have set up your libguide and created all your top level pages and boxes:

Log into your libguide account. On the mustard colour dashboard, click on ‘Add/Edit pages’.
On the drop down menu choose ‘add/reuse page’
In the window that pops up choose ‘create new page’
In the ‘page’ name text box, enter the name of the new page you want to create e.g. examples A-F
Enter a description if you like (I don’t always)
Click in the ‘position’ text box which says ‘Add as a top level page’. Look at the options in the drop down menu
Choose the top level page which you want to add your examples under.
Click ‘save’

I do not add a friendly url, or redirect to another page etc.

As I said we have two libguide for referencing, I am not sure which one you have found. Here are the links:
Our libguide with many different sytles of referencing

Our APA 6th libguide for Nursing and midwifery

I hope my instructions are clear!!

Best of luck.

Kind regards,

Leone Clough



Responses to Feedback 2nd May – 23rd May 23, 2013

23 May, 2013

The monitor in Auchmuty Flowers Room 2 is not working if I connect my laptop with HDMI cable provided in the room, and the monitor is too small compares to other flowers room. Please change the monitor.

Calls have been made to fix the technical issues,

I think that it would be a welcome practice for library staff to enforce the ‘silent’ zone rules more actively and visibly.
I believe that recent changes to library ‘zones’ from last semester in addition to the large increase in new students has resulted in a large number of students either unaware of the rules within different zones, or simply don’t abide by them.
Library staff actively enforcing the zones, additional signage and possible inclusion on the computer screen savers are some ideas which I am sure you are aware of.
This is extremely frustrating given the fact there are no extra computers and no additional group meeting facilities etc.
I find it disheartening that current students are paying the same prices for courses as 2012 and prior, though we have less resources at our disposal due to increase in student numbers, essentially affecting student outcomes and the reputation of the university, consequently affecting revenue and profitability of UoN.
I appreciate your time and consideration of my feedback.

Thank you for your feedback. Staff reshelving in the silent zones will point out alternative study spaces for people who need to chat.
With the exams approaching we will also ensure zoning information is clearly displayed.

Hey guys, can you please look into supplying extra chairs in the library. Students are required to do group work and when booths are full, they will crowd around a single monitor with multiple chairs, taken from empty computers. Cue students coming in the use said computers, no chairs in sight and if you ask people if they are using an empty chair beside them, they will probably say yes. A collection of say 3 chairs per pod located close to pods would at least relieve this situation so that students do not have to be on their knees to use the computers (as I am at this very moment).

If you need further justification to your bosses as to why you should do this, I would recommend this issue has implications relating to students with injuries and disabilities, workplace health and safety, and the prevention of some poor stressed uni student going postal on their fellow stressed students because of a chair and causing an overall disruption.
Also like to say your peeps behind the desk at huxley are super awesome because they always help me with stuff, they always reply when I say hello as I walk in and goodbye as I walk out (see not all negative). Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your feedback – chair audits are done regularly , so any chairs which require replacement will be picked up in this way. There are enough chairs for seats in Huxley as well as spares. Pods are designed for more than one chair to a machine. Thanks for the feedback on our staff!

Responses to Feedback 22nd March – 2nd May, 2013

2 May, 2013

Hi, I often study in the Auchmuty Library Post-Grad study room. Recently I noticed what I believe to be a
UFO or Flying Saucer through the large window that faces out onto the courtyard. The object itself seemed
to be hovering over the
Hunter side of campus. This kind of phenomenon is not something that I regularly encounter. I have only
seen a UFO on 6 other occasions (one of which beamed up the Cornetto I’d bought with my last $3.00, leaving
me without a frozen snack that evening). Anyway, the point of all this is that since the encounter I have
noticed a burly, bald, goateed Croatian man clad in black attire in the library. Is this gentleman an agent
of the top secret government agency often referred to by enthusiasts as MIB (Men in Black)? If so, what
kind of pay grade are they on – HEW 5?
The Library is unable to provide information re the following matters:

- personal experiences with UFO’s (with or without ice creams)
- MIB’s (Man in Black or Men in Black) on the premises,
- pay grades for the above (either on of off the premises).
When you look at your copy of this book, you will notice that you have misspelled the title in your
It should be Samuel Griffith, with one m.
Please correct it, as it makes me look an idiot when it crops on on databases worldwide.
Many thanks,
Roy Forward
Author Forward, Roy, 1936-
Title Sammuel Griffith
Published Melbourne : O.U.P., 1964
Phys Descr 1 v
Series Great Australians
Subject Griffith, Samuel, Sir, 1845-1920

Thank you for drawing this error to our attention, I have asked the Bibliographic Services section to make

the required correction.


It’s annoying that there are children of students using the computers when clearly it is a busy time and I
don’t like paying $1000′s for them to play games when I could be using that computer for study.

Thank you for your feedback. Library Staff will be reminded to ask parents not to login children to
University computers.


Thank you so much for your time and support – exceptional response time and you guys really go above and
beyond. Thanks again for your help.

Thank you for your feedback.

Make sure that the students using group study rooms in silent zones understanding the meaning of SILENT!
the girls using the room near C89 right now are practically screaming and we can all hear every word. it’s
very distracting. Would be great if someone could come and remind them as soon as possible.

I apologise for the thoughtless behaviour of these very noisy students, I have checked with the Huxley
staff and they advise that matters are now in hand.

It would be good if when you borrow a book that cant be renewed that you get told this when you borrow it,
so you dont only find out this information when you try to renew it

Thank you for your suggestion.
We will forward it on to our software supplier as a suggested enhancement.

It would be good if you could send out an email when someone puts a hold on one of the books you are
borrowing so you dont find out that you cant renew it when you are trying to renew it the day the book is
due, and then have to drive all the way into uni to drop the book off.

Thank you for your suggestion.
We will forward it on to our software supplier as a suggested enhancement.

Does the Librarian that rides the pushbike to work know any martial arts?


Hi, Adobe Digital Editions is a fantastic way to read the ebooks available through the library, much more
user friendly and you can actually read page after page not waiting for it to load. But it rarely ever
works here on campus. The biggest issue seems to be the simple task of downloading the books and opening
them, I am constantly getting a message saying: Error getting license Server communication problem:
I work on the same computer in the postgrad room at Auchmuty and have signed in on my Adobe account when
using Adobe Digital Editions. It worked for a few weeks and hasn’t worked since. I’ve reported it to IT but
no one has gotten back to me in two weeks. So I thought you should know that for some reason it doesn’t

This seems to be a problem that occurs sometimes when using Adobe Digital Editions in a computer lab
environment. It is an IT issue, and Library staff have reported it to 17000 as well.

Responses to Feedback 6th Nov, 2012 to 22nd March, 2013 BUMPER Edition!

22 March, 2013

I was in the foyer level in the Auchmuty library and someone took my printing from the printer. I waited
around and noone returned it. I would just like to make people aware that this is occuring.

Library Staff will be alerted. Thank you for reporting this matter.

I was studying in the silent area downstairs this morning and thought I’d better bring a couple of things
to your attention. After I sat down and started orgainising my books, I noticed that the light above my
desk was flickering quite badly. I had to move to another desk but noticed that there were a couple more
doing the same thing. I’m sure I don’t really have to tell you how bad that would be for long periods of
reading. The other thing was that there was some staff training happening in a room at the back. This room
doesn’t appear to be soundproofed like the group study rooms. Although it was nice to hear people having a
good time while training… a very rare thing, it was a bit noisy for a silent area blah blah blah. Thanks
for all the great work you do, you are very much appreciated.

Will Maximo the flickering light. Ensure signs are accurate to direct students into the old AV room for
extra silent study.

Leone Clough, Huxley Team Leader

Thanks a lot for the service, i was frustrated for 3hours trying every method to retrieve an article
online, your response was timely and it brought great relief.

Thank you for your feedback.

Fantastic service thankyou. Prompt,easy to follow

Thank you for your feedback.

Wow! Immediate response, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
Excellent service, thank you!
Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for your help and your quick response. The additional information outlining the steps to search
for journals was very much appreciated.



Thank you for your feedback.

I was so pleased to discover that the Huxley Library holds physical copies of Wired ( J306.05/W1). I feel
that Wired is a great resource for any students interested in IT, new technologies, Futurism, cutting edge
philosophies and gadgets. Chuck in some pop-cultural references to boot (comics, movies, video games etc)
and you have the perfect educational/entertaining read for the contemporary student.
It goes to show that The University of Newcastle has progressive material!

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Re: Question # UoN117200
Hello Judy
I have investigated and repaired the link in this record which points to the Publisher site.
I also found that our subscription for this title from OVID should only be up to 2006, so I have amended
the holdings statement to reflect this.
Hope this helps! Cheers, Julie

Replay – Yes, thanks. And thank you for your quick assistance! Kind regards Judy
Thank you.

I was wondering if a sign can be placed next to the library water tank just advising students not to place
their drink bottle nozzle all the way in the nozzle of the tank as I noticed there were a few students who
are not aware of this and I feel it can spread bacteria and illness. Thank you

Thank you for your valuable suggestion which has been forwarded to Library Management for action.

Kind regards,

Is there any way of editing the Newcat entry for Britannia Journal, to indicate that Volume 41 (2010),
Volume 42 (2011) & Volume 43 (2012) are available at Cambridge Journals Online? At the moment the entry is
for 01/01/1970-31/01/2009 (Volume 40) in Jstor. I was intending to request very lengthy articles from each
of these journals (Vols 41-43) through Get It, when I checked the Databases just in case and located them
there. Thank you

Thank you very much for this suggestion – an excellent idea.
Your email has been forwarded for action to the section of the Library which maintains catalogue entries.
Hi, Anthony,
Thanks for you help!

Thank you for your feedback.

Hi, just a quick shout out to all the library staff across Callaghan for sticking in there and keeping the
place open over the break. Well done for providing much needed facilities!

Thank you for your feedback.

Wonderful so far. Thanks

Thank you for your feedback.

Newcastle University is a great institution and I am proud to be a student here. It’s great that we rank highly in a number of different areas on a global scale, though I find it extremely frustrating and pretty pathetic that it takes up to 10 minutes to log onto a computer in the auchmuty library. Once logged on you are sure to encounter non-responsive programs which drags time out even more so. You will find that you have to begin to log off, which takes up to another 5 minutes even though I generally have to remove any usb devices without ejecting them correctly due to the state of the computer. Following this, you are then required to pack up all your gear and relocate to another computer, in the hopes that it is in better
condition than the last…but don’t hold your breath.I really hope that these issues, which I believe have been identified previously, are rectified prior to the beginning of semester 1 when the IT systems will really be tested to their limits once again.
Thank you for your comments which were forwarded to the IT Department.

Its kind of you really that answer my question…im from iran and could not go there…thank you really

Thank you for your response.

Thank you so much Leone, I appreciate your support. i must mention that your Library service is wonderful,
quick and effective.Thanks for attaching my required material.

Thank you for your response.

Dear Sir/Madam, I did try your suggestion about “forgot the password” part. However, when I reset my
password it could not create a new one.
I regret that I simply cannot understand the nature of the problem you mention.

The software used for the “Forgot Password” procedure has been in very successful use for at least three(3)

Thank you for the prompt service regarding Question # UoN116945.

Thank you for your feedback.

Hi, thanks for your answer to my question # UoN116940 regarding searching across many databases at once and
referring to the Encore capability. My comment is that this helpful search capability is not mentioned on
the Library homepage. Next to the search box it says “Library Catalogue”. It would be helpful if the Encore
search capability was indicated on the home page, the Database and eResources page, the Databases page and
the Supersearch temporarily unavailable page.


Thank you for your feedback which has been forwarded to the relevant section within the Library for


To whom it may concern,
I’m tidying up a few referencing things for my thesis which is due tomorrow, and am having trouble with
referencing the following. I would greatly appreciate your assistance!
I am trying to find out the referencing details Chopin’s Polonaise-Fantasy played by Ohlsson, from a CD on
Naxos Music online. This is the link:…etc
I am having trouble finding out the date when the piece was recorded, and also the other details needed for
referencing in APA 6th style.

Thank you so much in advance!

The date of Physical Release: 08/2010 is recorded in the NAXOS catalogue for the ART OF CHOPIN @

If this isn’t the correct piece please consult the listings for Ohlsson @

I hope that these NAXOS pages will provide the details which you require.

Kind regards,

M. Carr
Information Service

Trying to access “Quick reference to critical care [electronic resource] / Nancy H. Diepenbrock 2012″ I get the following error message on the Ovid website:
“The book with accession 01438535$ is not accessible.Redirecting to BOOKID=11310 instead.No accessible serials for familyId 11310
The requested book is no longer available.”

There are currently problems with accessing OVID titles.
The issue is being investigated, and hope to have the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Apologies for any inconvenience


Responses to Feedback 5th November, 2012

5 November, 2012

Seeing that the end of the year is upon us, I feel it is time to give credit to the staff at the Auchmuty library. In particular, Jim and Andrew stand out as star players and have helped me numerous times. Without them my degree wouldn’t be as close to completion as it currently is.

Thank you for your feedback


Thank you so much for your timely response. My problem is now resolved.
Kind regards

Thank you for your feedback

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that when requesting books on the mobile version of the catalogue on my iPhone, there is no option to choose which campus to pick up your request from. I’m in Newcastle and wanted an item from the Central Coast Library and when I placed the request
it defaulted to the Central Coast Library.

Thank you for your feedback, this has been forwarded to Electronic Services


I would like to request a repair on the green “Exit” security lights on the top floor. They have a fault where there is a loud buzzing sound that comes from them. This may be associated with them charging up or something. These green Exit light signs are attached to the ceiling. The loud buzzing sound may be intermittent as sometimes they don’t make any sound but this afternoon they have been loudly buzzing away for at least 3 hours. The loudest one is in the South West corner of the top floor of the library. This is the section of the top floor closest to the Shortland Union building. There is also a similar exit sign across from that on the extreme South East corner of the building. (Interstingly 2012/10/22_17:41 as I am typing this the loud buzzing noise just stopped uncanny did it know I was conspiring to have it stopped!) This noise is frequent, it renders about four desks unusable and it persists for hours, as mentioned. The service people may find that it isn’t making a noise when they come to check it but rest assured it does do this and does it annoyingly. I can understand why it hasn’t been fixed – it is intermittant.

The problems with the buzzing of the green “Exit” security lights on the top floor of the Auchmuty Library have been reported to the University’s Buildings and Facilities Maintenance section for action.
Thank you very much for reporting this matter.
Kind regards


Responses to Feedback 22nd October, 2012

22 October, 2012


As it is getting nearer to the end of the semester I felt it important to recognise and thank the wonderful and helpful IT staff at Ourimbah library. Special thanks goes to Richard, Belinda, Lydia and Brittany, without their help and expertise I would have struggled throughout the semester.

Thank you for your generous comments.


My request is that you reload a reading on short loan in THEO6022. It is the 4.1.3 East, T.  “Catechesis with Youth” in Leadership for Catholic Youth Ministry: A comprehensive Resource. TwentyThird publications. Connecticut. 2009. p184-211 I ask this because when it was scanned onto the short loan list the text loaded in a curved sort  of way as a result of the book not being flat onto the scanning screen. This does make it more difficult to read but these days I think a lot of students like me save these readings and then want to highlight the important pieces of the text. I do this by converting the PDF document into
a Word document and then I highlight the text on my computer with the highlighter tool. This saves me printing all the readings out and then highlighting them. I can also copy and paste important parts of the reading into my essays and documents. None of this works if the reading is scanned onto the short loan lists in a curved way.

Many thanks



Why is it that if you’re not able to reserve books from the same campus you’re collecting them from, the reservation still goes through but is erased the next day? Would it not be better to have this as an impossible thing to do?


Hello. I’m dissatified with the BONUS system in that two books I’ve ordered have come from Massey University when they could have come from Australian universities. The second issue I have is the inability to borrow a BONUS book until that book has been returned to the issuing library. So, the Massey book I recently returned, means I have to wait probably at least seven days before I can request another BONUS book. I currently have four books out and urgently require another one, which I hope I’ll be able to request today. Thanks for reading my message.

I look forward to your response in explaining the BONUS process.

Thank you for your feedback, I have passed on your comments re BONUS to the relevant staff.



As it is nearing the end of semester, I feel its important to acknowledge and thank the friendly and helpful loans desk staff at Ourimbah library, particular mention must go to Leanne, Lorraine, Jacob, Jenny, Cynthia, Paul, Michael, the two Ruths and Robyn. They all help make the campus library atmosphere a great learning environment. Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback.



While doing research for a history assignment I had the pleasure of meeting Alicia, at the Ourimbah library information desk. Her pleasant manner and helpfulness with microfiche were invaluable to me. Thank you for having staff like Alicia available to help students.

Thank you for your feedback.

Responses to Feedback 26th September, 2012

26 September, 2012


the 24/7 part of Ourimbah library has no quiet work place with computers. There is nowhere that people are expected to be quiet and therefore no easy option of asking people to be quiet. There is also little space if you have books and papers for assignments. While much information is online not all is and it is difficult to find a place to work. It has been quite unsatisfactory studying here since the library closed today. At home there are kids and a household which makes work difficult and at the library there were people talking constantly. It would be good if some computers, with space, can be designated quiet work area.Thank you

Thank you for your suggestion. The OIC 24/7 has 7 group study rooms that are available for use 24/7, 4 on the lower level of the Library and 3 on the upper level. If there are groups making excessive noise please let the Rover on duty know and they will redirect them to the group study room.

Your service was great! Many thanks.

Thank you very much for your feedback.


Today was the 5th time in two weeks that I have had to log onto more than three computers in the Auchmuty library – just to simply print lecture slides. As each PC I logged on to & waited the 5 or so minutes for the machine to apply a myriad of ‘principles’ and ‘folders’ to load up and log on, it was extremely frustrating to have multiple print attempts fail – without the print dialogue box displaying, and then having to log off, and repeat the process several times before successfully printing my desired selection. As a university in the top50/ top 4% in the world, I think the quality of IT services are absolutely deplorable and needs to improve.
To compensate for the poor quality of IT services I need to manage my time to arrive at least 1 hour prior to any classes to try and ensure I have enough time to simply print out lecture slides and related documents so that I can make it to class on time. As a ‘quality’ university I feel these issues need to be rectified so the quality of IT systems are consistent and in alignment with the desired status of the University.

I appreciate your time in viewing my feedback and stress the issues identified are confronted.

Ourimbah campus library staff are always friendly and helpful. They really do an outstanding job. Special mention for Narelle and her tenacity in finding some much needed information. She was calm and cheerful throughout a very stressful encounter. She’s a great asset to your staff. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for the positive feedback, the library staff are always happy to assist. We appreciate you making the time to give us feedback.


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