Labour Day Library hours for Monday 5th October 2015

29 September, 2015


Library and Information Common hours on Labour Day, Monday 5th October.

Auchmuty Library: 9:00am – 5:00pm
AIC: open 24 hours

Huxley Library: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Ourimbah Library: 10:00am – 3:00pm
OIC: open 24 hours

City Precinct Library: Closed
CHIC: open 24 hours

Sydney CBD Library: Closed

Port Macquarie TAFE Library: Closed

C50 Library Staff Reunion

24 September, 2015

Library staff celebrate 50 years of the University of Newcastle Library. Check out old library photos on Flickr and find out more about the celebration

c50 renion

Critical Database Maintenance – McGraw Hill Access Medical Platforms – 2.00pm-3.00pm 23.9.2015

23 September, 2015

Due to an emergency maintenance requirement, there may be some disruption to Access Medical platforms this afternoon between 2-3pm.

Databases with possible access disruptions include:

  • AccessMedicine
  • AccessPharmacy
  • AccessSurgery

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Responses to Feedback 14 September 2015.

14 September, 2015

The library closes too early on weekends. Many times I have been leaving at closing itme, with many still in the Library, but down in the AIC it is full to capacity, with queues for computers, laptop and reading areas are full and there is absolutely no where to relocate too. It is still early in the semester and only going to get worse.

Also I think the keys for group rooms needs to be reintroduced, so many people just go room shopping and never check if it is booked online, then it is difficult to make them get out when you have it booked, or people come and interrupt you looking for a vacant room.

Thanks for your feedback . The library will be looking at extended hours prior to exams in october ,
Please see library staff if you require assistance with a room you have booked.

Hi there needs to be a foam roll available for students to use in AIC ! the long hours of study caused lots of back pain ! Also i wish that a treadmill and a bike can be put into the journal room in AIC ! some cardio will be great with study ! The light is too dim at the research desk in the journal room in AIC ! bad for eyes !!! Also I wish there’s a cash converter in AIC for people to use so that they can use the vending more easily so that I can constantly purchasing chips and eat them !!!! Also hope the vending machine sell cup noodles !!!!! Seriously Please consider that !!!!!! T H A N K S H E A P S !!! If we can’t have a pokie machine in AIC I’d love to have a proper vending machine that feeds me 24/7 with my credit card !!

Hi thanks for the feedback.
Journals Room space will soon change to be zoned to accommodate group and silent use. Your feedback about the light is noted.
Vending machine products and payments will be reviewed with the machine owners to see what options may be available to change.
If you need to take a study break away from the computers The Forum offers competitive memberships or you may like the following article.

I have had many issues with Students overstaying their time in group rooms and having to be prompted to leave, and soo many times I have come to a room I have booked to find someone else in it, and having to argue with people to get them out. Students are not bothering to check if the room is booked, and I think the need for rooms to be locked and keys having to be obtained needs to be introduced again.

On Sunday at around 5pm there was still quite a number of students in the library, downstairs in the AIC, the computers were full, the laptop sections including part near coffee shop was full, and there was even a lot of people in the reading area opposite cafe. I have found this often mid-semester on a Saturday and Sunday, and I feel the weekend closing time for the library needs to be later;

Thank you for your feedback, if you ever you have any problems with students not vacating a booked room please see library staff for assistance.
Your feedback on Library hours is also very useful, it will assist with planning for second semester and 2016

UON Sydney Campus closed Saturday 12th September for building maintenance

11 September, 2015

UON Sydney Campus  will be  closed  Saturday 12th of September for building maintenance.  For help accessing online Library resources chat online to a  Librarian between 10:00am- 3:00pm Saturday and Sunday or post a question at


Database Downtime – EBL – Wednesday 16.9.2015

9 September, 2015

In preparation for the upcoming ProQuest Ebook Central launch, the ProQuest EBL platform will be unavailable for up to three hours during September 16, 2015 to combine ebrary and EBL content into a single new back-end system.

The EBL Patron Interface and EBL LibCentral will not be available on Wednesday, September 16 from 8:00am 11:00am.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Responses to Feedback 25 August 2015

2 September, 2015

Just wondering if the Huxley library could start reducing the insanely hot temperatures. It’s always too hot in here, winter or summer – and there’s only so much layering of one’s outfit that can be of any help. The outdoor temperatures are very mild so having the thermostat set to the 20’s is really not necessary and causes great discomfort.

Thank you for your feedback. We’ve asked Facilities management to investigate the A/C temperatures.

I want a make a complaint, pertaining to why the library no longer provides the facility for customers to staple their printing using the high capacity stapler that has always been located in the AIC, I was told by a staff member that this is no longer the case due to the fact ‘we don’t like people using it’, it is already an exorbitant cost for printing at 18c a double page, and for stapling facilities for large jobs to not be available anymore is appalling.

Thank you for your feedback. AIC has a range of staplers including a 20+ page model freely available on the front  low section of the staff desk. The stapler could have been in use by another at the time you required.

The newcat library system not allow you to place a book on hold if it is listed as available at the library at which you wish to pick the book up. Eg. placing a hold on a book that is listed as available on the shelf at Auchmuty to be picked up at Auchmuty. The impression given by placing a hold on the book is that the book will be held for a limited time for you to pick up. This simply does not happen and placing a hold on a book in this situation is completely redundant and misleading. Essentially placing a hold on a book in this situation does nothing as the book can still be freely borrowed by other people, so there is no ‘hold’ on the book. There is little literature online regarding the process.

Thank you for your feedback. We are looking at ways to improve this sitiuation and also updating the information on the website

the printing page says you have a laminating service but you don’t

Thank you for your feedback, the information has been updated.


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