New database trial – Oxford Medical Libraries Online

Trial available until 25th September 2011.

Oxford Medical Libraries Online (OMLO) is a collection of 51 subject-based libraries containing short guides covering a range of topics within clinical medicine. Each text summarizes up-to-date research literature. The texts are aimed at clinicians, trainees, and nurse specialists within each subject area.

Libraries include Oxford Anaesthesia Library, Oxford Cardiology Library, Oxford Diabetes Library, Oxford General Practice Library, Oxford Infectious Diseases Library, Oxford Neurology Library, Oxford Oncology Library, Oxford Pain Management Library, Oxford Psychiatry Library, Oxford Respiratory Medicine Library and Oxford Rheumatology Library.

Go to: Oxford Medical Libraries Online trial
Under the heading: Browse by Series select Oxford Medical Libraries then select the Library you wish to view.

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2 Responses to New database trial – Oxford Medical Libraries Online

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks really good as a resource – although not being able to access the ‘preclinical student’ section makes it a bit hard to form a really clear view.

  2. uonlib says:

    Unfortunately, most of what appears on the inital page, including ‘Preclinical Student’, is not part of the current trial. The trial is only Oxford Medical Libraries, which is found under the ‘Browse by Series’ heading. Oxford was unable to give us a link that only took us to the titles we are trialling.

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