Responses to Feedback 26th September, 2012


the 24/7 part of Ourimbah library has no quiet work place with computers. There is nowhere that people are expected to be quiet and therefore no easy option of asking people to be quiet. There is also little space if you have books and papers for assignments. While much information is online not all is and it is difficult to find a place to work. It has been quite unsatisfactory studying here since the library closed today. At home there are kids and a household which makes work difficult and at the library there were people talking constantly. It would be good if some computers, with space, can be designated quiet work area.Thank you

Thank you for your suggestion. The OIC 24/7 has 7 group study rooms that are available for use 24/7, 4 on the lower level of the Library and 3 on the upper level. If there are groups making excessive noise please let the Rover on duty know and they will redirect them to the group study room.

Your service was great! Many thanks.

Thank you very much for your feedback.


Today was the 5th time in two weeks that I have had to log onto more than three computers in the Auchmuty library – just to simply print lecture slides. As each PC I logged on to & waited the 5 or so minutes for the machine to apply a myriad of ‘principles’ and ‘folders’ to load up and log on, it was extremely frustrating to have multiple print attempts fail – without the print dialogue box displaying, and then having to log off, and repeat the process several times before successfully printing my desired selection. As a university in the top50/ top 4% in the world, I think the quality of IT services are absolutely deplorable and needs to improve.
To compensate for the poor quality of IT services I need to manage my time to arrive at least 1 hour prior to any classes to try and ensure I have enough time to simply print out lecture slides and related documents so that I can make it to class on time. As a ‘quality’ university I feel these issues need to be rectified so the quality of IT systems are consistent and in alignment with the desired status of the University.

I appreciate your time in viewing my feedback and stress the issues identified are confronted.

Ourimbah campus library staff are always friendly and helpful. They really do an outstanding job. Special mention for Narelle and her tenacity in finding some much needed information. She was calm and cheerful throughout a very stressful encounter. She’s a great asset to your staff. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for the positive feedback, the library staff are always happy to assist. We appreciate you making the time to give us feedback.

One Response to Responses to Feedback 26th September, 2012

  1. Danielle sharpe says:

    Just like to comment that you have some exceptional Rovers at ourimbah. I had problems with formatting an assignment last week and the rover Rachelle who has helped me many times guided me through the process and nothing was too much fuss. My friends also agree too this is a great service in our library and hope it always is there .

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