Responses to Feedback 5th September – 8th October

I have noticed recently that the Miller Collection of novels in the lounge reading room area of the Auchmuty Library is being reduced and there are only a few shelves of books left. What is happening to this collection. At present I am in the middle of exam preparation and finishing assignments etc but I was looking forward to doing some recreational reading when my time is not so taken up with uni studies. I often go in to the collection and browse through and anticipate what I can borrow when I have the time. I think the collection is a wonderful addition to the library services. I have also noticed hat the travel guides down stairs near the coffee shop are no longer there or very few. That is another place I spent some spare time dreaming and researching holidays. 

Thank you for your feedback.

As a user of the Miller Collection and the Travel Guides located in the AIC, you will have noticed that  many of these books have physically deteriorated with high use and are no longer in an acceptable condition or contain content which has dated. Accordingly, the decision was made to discard those items which had reached the end of their “shelf-life” and replace them with newer titles and/or new copies. This process will take place progressively over the next few months.

Unfortunately, in the interim, the range of titles available will shrink. It is also unfortunate that there is no perfect or ideal time of the year when this work can be completed such that no disruption or inconvenience occurs. However, I would ask you please to be patient as the outcome of this work should ensure that both the Miller Collection and the Travel Guides collection are substantially better as a result.

Kind regards,

Information Service


Where have the Lonely Planet guides gone from the AIC? I asked a member of the library staff and they said that it was possible that they had been discarded. What a waste of an extremely valuable resource. I eat my lunch at the lounges next to the newspaper collection everyday and they are in constant use by students taking a break from study or planning a get away.

Very disappointed.
Thank you for your feedback. Fear not !The lonely planet guides are currently being updated (new copies being purchased & processed). When the replacements arrive they will be rehoused in the aic area

I do not feel it is appropriate for a person to bring their child to work. A Rover is doing this. On several occasions the Rover has bought her child for the 4 hour shift.Recently the child was ill and
coughed and complained for the 4 hours. This is incredibly inconsiderate and rude. I am a poor uni student and would give my eye teeth for $30+ per hour

Dear student,
Thank you for your feedback. This matter has been followed up and further action will be taken to ensure the quality of our rover services.

Hello there

I have a very strong request. Can the Library make a Policy that ALL PHONES BE ON SILENT, in the OIC and the Library proper. With the invention of the ‘Whistling’ phone ring/message tone, it appears that the owners of these phones feel they have the god given right to be the only inconsiderate people in both the OIC and the Library to have their phones loud. The intermittent whistling is grating, interrupting, stressing, aggravating and down right rude and discourteous. Most people are considerate and have their phones on silent. Should there be a lack of judgement in this they are apologetic. However, the owners of the ‘Whistle’ phones seem to have no sense of consideration or remorse when they continually go off.

Please take this into serious consideration.
Thank you for this suggestion, the Library understand this is of priority that is why the study areas of the Library are zones into Silent, quiet and group study areas and clearly sign posted. The OIC is not a Silent zone but there are other Silent Computer labs such as TLG on ground level inside the Library with 10 computers and TL1 on upper level with 24 computers. We also have study areas on level 1 behind the collection which are for Silent studies and we have laptops/ipads for loan if you need to use a computer around that area. If you are not sure of the best area to study in Silence please ask someone at the Info desk and they assist you.

Hello, I was wondering what is happening with the printing at the Ourimbah campus library. There seem to have been problems for a number of months now. There is at least one computer I avoid in the old 24/7 lab as I know it wont print. Students often move computers to try and find one that will print or you have to send it to one of the printers downstairs. it is really frustrating. I was sending my printing to the printers downstairs as the computer I’m on now wouldn’t print to upstairs now it wont even let me send it downstairs.
Thank you

Thanks for bring this into my attention. The rover at the information desk has checked all the PCs in lab 226 and located the one which was not printing to the colour printer. All the 46 computers there are printing well now. The rovers have been working very closely with IT Support to keep all the facilities in the library working to their best for students. Please let the rover at the information desk know if there are any problems with any of the computers. This is the busiest time for students printing in the library. I will ensure all our rovers do their very best to keep the computers and printers working to their best and help students as best as they can.
Thanks again for your feedback and good luck in your exam.


I would just like says thanks for providing rovers in the library and would like to compliment one in particular. David Hayman at Ourimbah campus has been so very helpful to me quite a few times this year, he really knows his stuff and i am very grateful. Thanks

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on the help you received from one of our Rovers (David). Our Rovers are trained to provide highest standard of customer service and well equipped to support the Library users. Glad to hear David has been very helpful for your IT support needs in the Library.

Your kind words will be pass on to David.


Could the chairs in study room 1 be looked at as there are two which are broken and may be dangerous if not repaired. Thank you in advance.

Thank You for your feedback

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