Responses to Feedback – 5th March 2014

The posters we have had all last year in the toilets advertising the library are cute but I find it very confronting having a child look at me in shock every time I go to the toilet. I know they are meant to look in shock because of the question given but their faces are like a reaction to what I am doing in the toilet. I may be sensitive but please change your advertising pictures…I loved the book ones you had the previous year e.g. how to knit with dog hair… No more kids in the toilet please.
Thank you for your feedback we will investigate the situation.

Library information service

I am also frustrated by the new library catalogue. Why is it so slow at night when I expect not many people are using it. And I am unable to locate a book I know is in the library. Could you please provide a sensible answer to my question. Your response to other feedback has been dismissive and unhelpful. Thank you for your attention.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your additional feedback about the new Library catalogue.

Our new library catalogue, NewCat+ is a major enhancement and now includes both our traditional library catalogue and most of our journal databases (over 300 sources), making it possible to retrieve a selection of resources with just one search, including numerous journal articles.

Due to the vast coverage of this new search interface, there have been and will continue to be progressive refinements to improve the performance of the system, including ranking of search results and ease of use.

 Of particular relevance to you may be the following information:

 To retrieve the most relevant set of results, please use quotation marks to search for a phrase or specific title (book, journal title, journal article etc).

 For example, “themes and conventions of elizabethan tragedy”

 From your initial set of results, it is important to select either ‘Library Catalogue’ or ‘Journal articles’ from the ‘Limit By’ links on the left hand side of the screen.

 • Choose ‘Library catalogue’ to display our traditional library holdings – books, ebooks, journal titles, DVDs etc;

• Choose ‘Journal articles’ to display results from our journal databases, including full text articles.

 From there, if you need to use them, you have a number of other limiters or ‘facets’ that you can use to pinpoint the results you want – for example, location, format or publication date.

 For further search tips, please see the Search Tips webpage @

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the “slowness” of response times at night as this will depend on several factors which include the traffic on the University network, the specific search terms used and now many “hits” found in the catalogue as well as the 300+ databases simultaneously searched, as well as the capacity of your local (off campus) internet service provider.

With kind regards,

Library Information Service

Lack of support for Undergraduate Honours students in terms of access to the same facilities as Postgraduate research students. Both entities of students are conducting research under the University of Newcastle. There are swipe-card accessible rooms with desk space, computer, printing and locker facilities available to Postgraduate students across the University. At the present time these facilities (Huxley Library Room HC109 specifically) appear underused (empty). Would it be possible for Honours students, by application, to have access to these, or similar facilities? I understand that ‘silent study zones’ and desk access is plentiful in both libraries, however, for a student conducting research full time it is difficult and tedious to establish routine, concentrate and use time effectively when significant portions of the day are spent setting up and packing up and finding space to work. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.  


Your enrolment at the university determines the type of student you are and what you are able to access when on campus. Therefore, on our library system your access to library services and resources is as an undergraduate student.

Huxley post graduate room is very small, 3PCs and 1 Mac. This room is used heavily by post graduate students during semester and even if you were able to access the room, it may be very difficult for you to use the room as regularly as you need. There would be post graduates waiting for you, to vacate your chair.

One of the problems with Huxley library is there isn’t enough space to accommodate the many thousands of students we have each day. We do have lockers in our post grad room for use for the post graduate students to store their documents, research etc. in the lockers. Due to space issues at Huxley, we are unable to place the lockers anywhere else. Lockers are available at the Auchmuty library in the AIC (Auchmuty Information Common) but I do understand it may be difficult for you to walk with your books over to Auchmuty.

 I am very sorry I am unable to offer you a solution. Have you checked with your school or your supervisor to see if Medical Radiation provides a study space or spare rooms that may be available for you to use?

 Also, it might be worth suggesting to your supervisor that your course of study be looked into to see if they can change your student status so you are able to gain access to other areas on campus for students conducting research.

 Thank you for your feedback

 Library Information Service

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