I have spent a lot of time in the library and spoken to a lot of librarians over the last 3 years. My attempts to unlock to vast treasure of resources available but not often visible to the naked eye (or student) have often been immensely frustrating but always the librarian has there to help. Each one has been helpful and kind but I would like to recommend highly a particular librarian who has often aided me in cracking the code of learning. Her name is Ruth and her open personality, extensive knowledge of research and her tenacity has assisted me enormously. Thank you for having people of her standard at the desk it is an enormous help when students get stuck.

Thank you for your feedback

Hello, I am an ex student which means I can still borrow books doesn’t it. I really only want to access digital info, Peter

Hi Peter
As an ex-student, you can rejoin the Library as an alumni borrower. More information is provided here: http://www.newcastle.edu.au/library/borrow/other-users/alumni

Please note that this does not include access to the Library’s electronic resources. We do, however, offer free access to a large selection of electronic resources in-Library from our Library catalogue terminals as part of our Walk-in User policy (no off-campus access). More information can be found here: http://www.newcastle.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/95006/walk-in-…etc

If you require electronic access from home, the best option may be through the State Library of NSW. They offer NSW rate payers free access to their databases, etc, and you can sign up online. The PDF above has the link for the State Library included.

Hope this helps

I understand that this is very expensive, even for a rare book. Still, if you knew how impoverished the library’s ethnomusicology collection – in particular its Aboriginal music collection – is, then it might not seem so bad. This is one of the three key texts on Aboriginal music, and the library holds not one of them.
If you like, i’ll get staff members from Wollotuka (Ray Kelly) and the Conservatorium (Helen English and Catherine Grant) to support the request, since they have all been involved (along with Philip Matthias) in the Aboriginal music course that is currently being run at Wollotuka. I have not (yet) been directly involved, although my own research in this area is undoubtedly going to be relevant and useful to future re-runs of the course (which i’ll be participating in at the end of this week).

Dear James,
We are purchasing the requested item
The essence of singing and the substance of song : recent responses to the Aboriginal performing arts and other essays in honour of Catherine Ellis / edited by Linda Barwick, Allan Marett, Guy Tunstill

You will be notified on arrival
kind regards

I have noticed for the first time that librarians are not present this weekend. I have been here both days and there has been no one to ask a referencing or research question to. This is an invaluable tool and I am dissappointed that it is not available especially during exam and assignment time

Thank you for your feedback. I am glad to inform you there is a Librarian online from 10am -3pm Saturdays and Sundays, you can email them your request or chat with them online at http://uon.altarama.com/web/public/index_with_refchatter.html. The Library has resources online that can also assist you with your referencing issues. Please check http://www.newcastle.edu.au/library/learn/referencing and you will get information on all different styles of referencing.

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