Subject: RHD/post-grad space in the “Flower room” level of the Auchmuty Library.

as a post-graduate student I use often to go in the post-graduate dedicated (and more silent) area of the Flower Room level of the Auchmuty library, however, over the time I’ve noticed that desks, PCs places (and PCs) in there are not as clean as those in other areas of the Auchmuty library (e.g., those in the AIC space). I’m wondering if this is happening as a consequence of an electronic lock on the doors that can be unlocked by both post-graduate and librarian cards but not by a cleaner of the library? If so, it would be there a way for the cleaner to have a suitable card to access the area and keep it clean as much as the rest of the other library study areas?

Thanks a lot for your consideration.
Kind regards,

Dear Beatrice
Thank you for your feedback. In each break PCS are cleaned throughout the library. Unfortunately students working in the PG room requested that the cleaning not be done as the noise of cleaning and the smell of cleaning products was inconvenient. Next break the cleaning of the pcs will be advertised in advance and students will asked to relocate for the short time to allow the process completed.

I will also ask for additional cleaning of the area by contract cleaning staff.

Many thanks

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