The post grad. student room in the Auchmuty is cold. Not just a little colder than I might like it. I mean really cold – significantly colder than the rest of the library. This really does need to be looked into. Rather annoying when library staff tell you there is nothing to be done. I don’t expect instant results, but there must some way of getting it looked into. If you come into the post grad. room, especially at night, and see students with their coats and beenie’s left on and then go into the AIC, you will notice the difference.

Thanks for the feedback – we will ask IFS to investigate

Hi I am a regular user of the library and have to do a lot of printing during the duration of my course.
Though this is a small issue I wanted to bring it up as it can be easily rectified.
Could we have a stapler in the AIC capable of stapling a large number of pages together? I understand that there is one in the library on the level above but it is sometimes very hard to leave all my personal belongings in the AIC that could be stolen and go upstairs all for the sake of a stapler.
Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your feedback. Print charging covers the cost of paper and toner, the staplers provided for student use is a cost absorbed by the Library as a courtesy.
Due to the high volume of printing at the 24/7 environment a standard size stapler is the only size available as they are replaced on a weekly basis.

Why the heck is aircon switched off in late arvo at flowers reading room?! I’m freezing to death !

Thanks for your feedback – the Library is currently on extended hours for the exam period . The AIC was reset to accommodate the longer hours. It would seem the settings didn’t update for 20/6

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