Just wondering if the Huxley library could start reducing the insanely hot temperatures. It’s always too hot in here, winter or summer – and there’s only so much layering of one’s outfit that can be of any help. The outdoor temperatures are very mild so having the thermostat set to the 20’s is really not necessary and causes great discomfort.

Thank you for your feedback. We’ve asked Facilities management to investigate the A/C temperatures.

I want a make a complaint, pertaining to why the library no longer provides the facility for customers to staple their printing using the high capacity stapler that has always been located in the AIC, I was told by a staff member that this is no longer the case due to the fact ‘we don’t like people using it’, it is already an exorbitant cost for printing at 18c a double page, and for stapling facilities for large jobs to not be available anymore is appalling.

Thank you for your feedback. AIC has a range of staplers including a 20+ page model freely available on the front  low section of the staff desk. The stapler could have been in use by another at the time you required.

The newcat library system not allow you to place a book on hold if it is listed as available at the library at which you wish to pick the book up. Eg. placing a hold on a book that is listed as available on the shelf at Auchmuty to be picked up at Auchmuty. The impression given by placing a hold on the book is that the book will be held for a limited time for you to pick up. This simply does not happen and placing a hold on a book in this situation is completely redundant and misleading. Essentially placing a hold on a book in this situation does nothing as the book can still be freely borrowed by other people, so there is no ‘hold’ on the book. There is little literature online regarding the process.

Thank you for your feedback. We are looking at ways to improve this sitiuation and also updating the information on the website

the printing page says you have a laminating service but you don’t

Thank you for your feedback, the information has been updated.

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