Squeaky Tables (UoN121238)    
In the Med Reserve there are two big wooden tables.
They’re lovely to study at because they have lots of space for all your books, notes etc
However they’re a bit squeaky ie, whenever a weight is placed or taken off them, the table emits a creaking/ groaning sound
I am embarrassed whenever I disturb the other people in the room
Is there anything that can be done? I’m sure the joints within the table are just a bit loose and some glue or screw tightening would resolve the issue

thanks for letting us know – we will place a request to have the tables repaired.

Access for Retired Academics (UoN121389)
I was a tenured member of the academic staff for over 20 years. I have been retired for 16 years and I am no longer a Conjoint Staff Member. Do I have any borrowing rights and/or rights of access to online collections? If so how do I go about gaining access to the Library System? As you will see below I no longer have a University Email address.

Dear Duncan,
Recently retired staff are eligible for free membership if they have completed a minimum of 5 years service and have maintained a good borrowing record. If you do not meet the criteria, you are eligible for community membership.

Please apply in writing to:
The University Librarian, Auchmuty Library, University of Newcastle, Callaghan NSW 2308 Greg.Anderson@newcastle.edu.au
Staff are responsible for any materials for which there are loan records in their name. This responsibility ends only when the loan record is officially cancelled.
Membership for Retired University Staff does NOT include remote access to electronic library resources or requests via BONUS+
All loans are subject to recall and must be returned when requested. Failure to return recalled material may result in loss of borrowing privileges.
Retired staff are not subject to fines for late return of University of Newcastle items. All staff receive fines for non return of University of Newcastle items.
Borrowing is suspended when more than $15 is owed.

This is the link to the staff-borrowing webpage
I have provided the link to the Community guide – detailed information about access to electronic resources.
Kind regards


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