Premier Pro software update (UoN121609)
The computers in the library should have the updated premier pro so that (mainly) Communication students can still do assignments out of hours. The most recent version is available in the ICT building but not the library. They’re both 2015 versions so only an update should be required.

It Services have scheduled this update and we are advised that it will ab available soon.  Thank you for your feedback.

Update furniture for Nyte Byte (UoN121630)
To whom it may concern
Over the years I have noticed the lounges in the the Nyte Byte area are quite worn out and look shabby. I was hoping that in the new year University admin would have replaced the old furniture considering all the other ‘new’ changes i see around the library. However, I am very disappointed that the same very worn out lounges sit there. I am putting this request forward reason being that I spend most of the weekends and late night study time in that area and during the late hours one needs a clean place for rest and reflection. Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback.

Placing Holds in the catalogue (UoN121514)
Unhappy with the holds on library webpage. Put books on hold from huxley and auchmuty to pick up at huxley only to be told once I came in to collect them that these types of holds were not going to be honoured. Luckily the books had not been borrowed by somebody else but I had to go to the other library to pick up several books which was inconvenient for me. I don’t understand why you are given the option to put these types of holds on the system when they are not honoured.

Thank you for your feedback , we are looking into resolving this issue.

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