We would like to take a moment to celebrate the achievements of our Library staff and their outstanding contributions to the University of Newcastle.


Academic Division Award for Collaboration

  • Highly Commended – ORCID @ UON Initiative, UON Library

Ms Vicki Picasso, Mr Richard Maher, Mr John Symon

The ORCID @ UON initiative was successfully launched via the collaborative efforts of the Team with key representatives from the three Divisions of Academic, Research and Innovation and Resources. ORCID is a global Open Researcher and Contributor ID. The collaborative ORCID @UON initiative delivered key communication, support resources and system readiness via NURO to enable UON researchers to easily create an ORCID and link it to their university affiliation and NURO publications. Providing a unique identifier, assertion of ownership for research outputs and name disambiguation. The ongoing benefits for researchers include the ability to reliably make connections between their NURO research outputs and their UON affiliations and improves recognition and discoverability via a lifelong digital identity.

Academic Division Award for Health and Safety Excellence

  • Winner – University Library Evacuation Wardens group

Ms Octavia Anderson, Ms Tina Atherton, Miss Jennifer Bennett, Mrs Leone Clough, Mr John Collins, Ms Narelle Hampe, Ms Jacqui Harris, Mrs Rebecca Heath, Mr Alex Jacobs, Mrs Vicki Mackay, Mr Danylo Motyka, Ms Gemma Noon, Mr Anthony O’Brien, Ms Shaun Parsons, Mr David Probert, Mr Amir Rezapourmoghadammiyandabi, Mrs Gillean Shaw, Ms Jennifer Skulander, Mr Jim Turvey, Miss Amanda Valent, Ms Jenny Van Dijk

Approximately 2.5 million visitors use the library spaces annually and it is essential library buildings can be evacuated quickly and efficiently. The University Library Evacuation Wardens group was created in March 2016 as a mechanism to improve evacuation practices across the campus libraries. The group recognised the significance of collecting and analysing post evacuation data at each Library site. This information is used to evaluate and improve evacuations. The Group has also developed & delivered a training program for all Library staff to raise evacuation awareness, increased the number of wardens across the libraries and created a post evacuation checklist.

Academic Division Award for International Engagement

  • Winner – Conversational English Program, UON Library and the English Language and Foundation Studies centre

Ms Rebecca Heath, Ms Anne Burnett, Mr David Probert, Ms Jacqui Harris, Ms Jane Neave, Ms Sarah Coleman, Ms Helen Robertson, Mr Benjamin Bourke, Ms Alison Edginton , Ms Shaista Poonawalla

The “Conversational English Program” is a collaborative initiative between UON Library and ELFS. Members of two key units supporting international students recognised an opportunity to give a new vibrant student experience in developing conversational English skills in a neutral environment.

The Program is highly successful engaging both staff and students. The student spends one hour with the library staff member while they carry out their work and together they converse on undirected topics. This opportunity creates excitement for the students as they able to speak freely with a professional staff member; they share life experiences, culture and library information.

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