How-to use FollowMe printing

You now have two choices for printing:

  • A new FollowMe option
  • The existing printing option

FollowMe printing lets you use your UON ID card to release and pay for printing at any Library multifunction printer/photocopier (MFD).

To send printing via the FollowMe print option:

  1. Select StudentPrint from your PC printer list. The default is Black and White unless colour is selected in Printer Properties.
  2. Click ok to send your printing.  Jobs will expire after 24 hours.

To release printing at the Library MFDs:

  1. Swipe your UON ID card and select ‘My print jobs’.


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  1. Choose printing for release and select ‘Print’.

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  1. Collect your printing.  Payment will be deducted from your account. Remember to logout.


Library staff are available if you need help.