The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) is facilitating a one-day geospatial workshop/seminar event in Melbourne.

Melbourne: Drones and Big Spatial data – Challenges and Opportunities
(1 day seminar/workshop)
Mon, 9 Oct, 9.00am-4.45pm, at University of Melbourne. Register

Morning Seminar:

  • Keith Russell, ANDS/Nectar/RDS – Introduction to FAIR data principles
  • Sarah Murfitt, Deakin University – Applications of unmanned aerial vehicles for mapping coastal processes and intertidal marine habitats
  • Lisa Frye / Brendan Zwaaniken, DELWP – Negotiating barriers & managing risks with RPAS: Innovating Approaches to Regulations, Permits, and Safety
  • Alena Moison, DELWP – A Platform for storing, processing and sharing Victoria’s open drone data
  • Nathan Quadros, CRCSI – An automated workflow to ensure end users capture LiDAR and drone data which meets their needs
  • More speakers to be added

Afternoon Workshop:

  • Xavier Goldie, AURIN – Introduction to AURIN facilities: Software and tools · Nathan Quadros, CRCSI – Point Clouds and QA4LiDAR
  • ·Fabiana Santana, University of Canberra – How drone data could be used in modeling? A case study applying the BCCVL

Places are limited. Please register for this workshop through our Eventbrite.

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