When you have a problem with access to a Library service, we want to know so we can follow up quickly, as we understand your frustration when this occurs.

At times services we provide, such as Bonus, Getit or printing, may experience temporary issues.

Reporting the problem via chat, at the Service Zone or email and phone services is the best approach, but if it is after hours you may wish to use our Digital Technologies self-help guide for tips on resolving some common access problems.

I have been trying to access the ‘GetIt’ service these past few days but have had the same message of ‘account details are valid but access is denied’.

We recommend that you first try to clear your ‘cache and cookies’, then try to login to Getit.

The NeW Space Library was open 24 hours for the first two weeks of exam time, but went back to reduced hours for the final week.

Many thanks for your feedback.  We were fortunate to secure funding to be able to extend the opening hours of the Library Space for the exam period from 12am to 7am.  In the past we have extended opening hours for the last two weeks of semester and the first two weeks of the exam period, as this is when the majority of students have exams.
Access to the Ground and Level 1 spaces are available 24×7.
We will include all feedback in the review of the opening periods.

Always read our News blog or subscribe to our twitter and instagram accounts for Library updates.

Any suggestions about the Library are seriously considered such as ordering new books, extending book loan periods or opening hours, or improving amenities.

Want to be heard? Comments and feedback

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