Publons Academy has launched its new online training modules

Are you an early career researcher that wants to further your career, improve your research and the research of others? Ever wondered how the peer review process works? Have you ever thought about reviewing but have not been asked or don’t know how?

The Publons Academy can help by bridging the gap and provide you with the skills to become a peer reviewer and the contacts to connect you with the right publication to match your area of knowledge. Peer reviewing is a vital process that maintains and allows trustworthy research to be shared across the world. The Publons Academy provides an effective and expert peer review training course to teach you the core skills needed by a peer reviewer.

Publons Academy have devised a course that can instruct you on how to become a peer reviewer. Once completed, the Publons Academy will allow you to create a peer reviewer profile to connect you to the editors that require your expertise.

This free online course allows you to navigate the world of peer reviewing at your own pace. It also connects you to the required contacts needed to break into the world of peer reviewing.

The course contains 10 modules listed below which will guide and instruct you through the process and techniques used by peer reviewers.

  1. Welcome to Publons Academy
  2. Academic publishing and peer review
  3. What journals want
  4. Ethical considerations
  5. At first glance
  6. Evaluating introductions
  7. Evaluating methodology
  8. Evaluating data and results
  9. Evaluating discussions and conclusions
  10. Structuring your reviews

And this is how it works ….



By the end of the course you will:

  • fully understand how the peer review process works
  • have reviewed published papers in your area of expertise
  • have been guided, supervised and reviewed by a mentor of your choosing
  • learn to be a better writer
  • forge connections with publishers
  • create a substantial reviewers profile to continue reviewing

The Publons Academy course will help you further your career, improve your writing/research and improve the world’s research.

Go to the Publons Academy homepage today and sign up or find out more information – what are you waiting for?



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