It’s great to hear all your comments from the SSAF funded Spring Sippers and Stationery Station Library promotions. A small selection are highlighted below. Remember you can comment or make suggestions anytime on the Ask the LibraryHelp and information page

I really appreciate the spring sippers program. It keeps my morales up during exam time. Thank you! I hope to see this program run again next year with more items and flavours.
I LOVE THE FREE STATIONERY! Great friendly staff always happy to help. Exam period goodies are the greatest endorphins release in a miserable sleep-deprived time of our lives – SO THANK YOU!!! (heart)
I really like studying in Huxley – the environment was quiet & focused so I could get a lot done. I would have loved though if the Library stayed opened longed than 10pm.

Love the librarians. They’re super helpful. Very good computers and lighting and air conditioning. Thanks.

The City library collection is limited but the online is excellent.
I always find the staff at Ourimbah to be accommodating and happy to help at any time of the day. I always get helped beyond my expectations and appreciate their patience with me!
For 24 hours area. You should put quiet area and discussion area separate. Sometimes people want quiet to study, but besides them who chatting each other or too loud discuss. It is disturb someone’s study.

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