Thing #5 Turbo Charge your access to OA 

Turbo charge your search results with Lean Library.  The Lean Library plugin will automatically check for open-access versions of articles and alert you by providing a link to access the work directly in one-click.

How does it work? You are notified in your google search results when an open access version of a publication is directly available to you.   A pop-up notification will appear on the screen.The Lean Library plugin alerts users to over 22 million open access works.

Lean Library provides one click access to Open Access full text journal articles and eBooks wherever users are located, including off campus.  Once installed, when you are searching with Google, Google Scholar, publisher websites, etc the plugin will alert you when open access content is available to you.

  1. Watch this video to learn more about Lean Library  
  2. Download the plugin from the Lean Library website. You will be prompted to select your institution, i.e. University of Newcastle.  lean.png
  3. Once installed, Lean Library Access will connect you with an Open Access version if one is available and as a bonus will also alert you to content you can access freely through our UON Library database subscriptions!

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