In response to the COVID-19 situation Publishers and Vendors are providing enhanced and free services and resources to support the continuity of our research and teaching over these next few months.

The services and resources being offered can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Free access to research content on COVID-19
  • Content and services that will support our distance learning and research

This page will be updated as more information is provided.

LAST UPDATED: 29 May 2020

NOTE: Content that has been added since the last update will be highlighted by the different coloured text

American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS)

American Medical Association – JAMA Network

American Society for Microbiology (ASM)

  • ASM have launched a COVID-19 Research Registry which is curated and vetted by experts in the field of virology and related disciplines to provide immediate access to top ranked COVID-19 research providing coronavirus research articles, chapters & podcasts free.

Annual Reviews

  • Increasing our access to all their content until 30 April 2020
  • Providing a Resource Center
    for articles that are freely available on COVID-19

Association for Science Education

Berghahn Books

  • Are providing free digital inspection copies with extended review time of 90 days. Details are available on this web page.
  • Free access to all Berghahn journals until 30 June 2020, access is available from their Journal Page.
  • UON owned Berghahn ebooks on the ProQuest Ebook Central Platform or EBSCO platform that have a limited number of users will update to unlimited access until 30 June 2020. Those on the JSTOR platform are already unlimited access.
  • Number of Open Access ebooks available through their Berghahn Open Access Titles page


CABI Publishing

  • Providing free access to coronavirus content via their Global Health Database including research on epidemiology, prevention, and control of SARS and MERS, content about animal coronaviruses. To access login/register and then copy and paste the code CV6G2366G67 into the ‘Redeem a voucher’ section.

Cambridge University Press

  • Cambridge have provided UON free access to all their textbooks (704) until 30 June 2020. These titles have been added to Newcat+. For an example see the title An Introduction to Functional Analysis, which has the note Access to this resource has been temporarily provided by the publisher in response to COVID-19 situation.


Council for Intellectual Disability

Duke University Press

  • Providing free access to eBooks and journal articles on Navigating the Threat of Pandemic. eBooks are free to read online until June 1, 2020, and journal articles are free until October 1.
  • On the Project Muse platform DUP are opening up free access to archival content for 20 journals until 30 June 2020 and all available content for East Asian Science, Technology and Society
  • UON eBooks published by DUP that have a limited number of users (hosted on either the EBSCO or Proquest platform) will be upgraded to unlimited users to mid-June


  • Elsevier has also prepared a Novel Coronavirus Center (including a Chinese Language version), with free access to information and research pertaining to COVID-19.
  • Created a COVID-19 Healthcare Hub containing Toolkits for Healthcare Professionals which includes front-line clinical tools and resources to assist in delivering care and information to patients.
  • Have opened access to UON to all their textbooks (256+), until 15 June 2020, on their Sciencedirect platform. The Book Title Lists page provides the titles, to access them log into Sciencedirect using your UON ID and either search for a specific title or search for your subject and titles will appear in the results.

Elsevier Health

Elsevier Health has provided trial access to some of their ClinicalKey Student modules. Access is for 3 months:

  • ClinicalKey Student: Nursing & Midwifery
  • ClinicalKey Student: Medicine & Dentistry

Please note: once you have logged onto ClinicalKey Student (using your UON login if you are off-campus), you will need to also login in with an Elsevier personal account. If you already have an account for one of their other products, such as ClinicakKey for Nursing, etc… this should work. Otherwise you will need to select the Register link and create a personal account to ensure all the functionality will work for you.


Guilford Press

  • Guilford has opened the access and made all of their journal content free. Click here to access, you prompted for your University log in details.

Informit Media – TVNews

  • Faculty users have approval to download any TVNews asset that is viewed locally. This file can then be sent to overseas students via Blackboard (not email).

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

  • Provides a global policy tracker to help member countries be more aware of the experiences of others in combating COVID-19. The tracker covers 193 economies and summarizes key economic responses governments are taking to limit the impact of the pandemic.
  • A new lending tracker, which visualizes the latest emergency financial assistance and debt relief to member countries approved by the IMF’s Executive Board.
  • IMF COVID-19 hub for the latest news and updates



  • Increasing our access to all their collections as they work with a large number of publishers they have advised that their JSTOR Resources During COVID-19 is the most up to date and central point of information. Some further information re specific resources:
    • Access to 35,000 books at no charge – when you click on this link disregard the button “Request Access”, access has been opened for UON so providing you are logged on with your Uni ID, click on a publisher link and the ebooks available should load.


  • Kanopy are providing free access to their collection The Great Courses, courses that could be utilised for teaching, or for dealing with time spent social distancing at home.

LWW Health Library

  • LWW Health Library for Medical Education provides a singular access point to clinical and educational content, as well as rich multimedia ancillaries for teaching, learning, and practice.
  • Access has been temporarily provided by the publisher until June 5th in response to COVID-19 situation.

Mark Allen Group – MA Healthcare

Massachusetts Medical Society (New England Journal of Medicine)

  • Providing a central hub of COVID-19 content and resources being made free available, including:
    • Covid-19 content from the New England Journal of Medicine, NEJM Catalyst, NEJM Journal Watch, and NEJM Resident 360.
    • Procedural training videos, including a video about Nasal Swabbing and putting on & removing PPE.

McGraw Hill

  • Have released complimentary resources to support the UON subscription to Anatomedia via a dedicated online portal containing an Image Bank with 4,000 images and Curriculum Guides. Complete the online form to register for access to the portal, using your UON email address.

Mentone Educational

MIT Press

Oxford University Press

Project MUSE (John Hopkins University)


  • Upgraded the UON owned ebooks that have a limited number of concurrent users on Ebook Central
    to unlimited users until 30 June 2020
  • Proquest has launched and provided free access to a Coronavirus Research Database providing a cross-disciplinary resource enabling researchers to search and discover full-text articles, dissertations and other content from key publishers in one place
  • Proquest has temporarily enabled UON access to their eresource Research Companion, for critical thinking and information literacy skills, until 30 June 2020.

Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)

  • Have opened access to a variety of COVID-19 resources accessible from their Special Focus: COVID-19 page. The resources include articles, podcasts, cases and news.


  • Has created the microsite Coronavirus (COVID-19) Research providing free access to Medical, Social, and Behavioral Science Articles relevant to COVID-19
  • Upgraded the UON owned ebooks that have a limited number of concurrent users on the Ebook Central platform to unlimited users until mid June 2020
  • Have started to fast track and publish Open Access research relevant to COVID-19 without any article publishing charges


  • Have opened access to UON to of 407 textbook across a range of disciplines, on their SpringerLink platform. Check this web page for the title list. To access them log into the SpringerLink platform using your UON ID and either search for a specific title or search for your subject and titles will appear in the results.

Taylor & Francis

  • A COVID-19 portal aggregating and organising all recently published COVID-19 research
  • UON owned Taylor & Francis ebooks on the ProQuest Ebook Central Platform and the EBSCO platform will update to unlimited access until 30 June 2020.

University of Chicago Press

Wolters Kluwer

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