The feedback from our inaugural Wikipedia-a-thon was refreshing, knowing that the effort from our team was well worth the effort. Here are a few comments we have received from those that participated on the day.

“I didn’t expect to find it as fun as I did – it’s strangely addictive to comb through what’s there and figure out where additions can be made. I feel like I might start editing Wikipedia pages for fun now! ”


” Many times I’ve noticed things on Wikipedia in need of change or expansion but haven’t wanted to go through the bother of setting up an account and learning to edit. 

Luckily, today has taught me it is very easy and I have added a Wikipedia edit to do list to my user page so that I can continue updating into the future. “


We have also heard how they hope to see future events and have provided some great ideas on how to provide a better experience and attract more interested wiki editors.

If you want to know more about how to become a Wikipedia author you can find all our tutorials and guides here.

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