It doesn’t matter the job; teamwork is necessary in every workplace. So why are people so hesitant about it? LinkedIn Learning now has videos available, free for all students, to improve your teamwork skills, so you will thrive in a collaborative environment.

When you work in a team, not everything will go your way, so make sure you’re supportive, regardless of the conflicting opinions. LinkedIn Learning offers a course on how to Approach Teamwork Collaboratively and develop strategies to be cooperative.

Teamwork in the workplace creates a culture of collaboration, which increases efficiency and quality communication. This then allows the company and employees to grow.

However, this may be challenging if you have difficult people in the team. LinkedIn Learning offers a course on How to Work with these Difficult People and create strategies to reduce the effects of these people on your confidence and productivity.

There is also a course available on How to Manage Team Conflict. Team conflict is often inevitable, and may become exhausting, but is necessary in order to build strong teams. We recommend two bite-sized videos within that course: conflict is necessary for success and how to align individual and team goals. You won’t be afraid of team conflict after this course!

If you want to grow as a leader in your workplace, you will need to effectively collaborate with your team. LinkedIn Learning offers a course on Collaborative Leadership, which outlines the important skills you need, like empathetic listening and social sensitivity, as a collaborative leader.

Improve your teamwork skills on LinkedIn Learning so your team can collaborate effectively and increase productivity.

To start your LinkedIn Learning journey, click here.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this great new tool! Send your comments to Ask the Library.

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