We are very pleased to introduce to you our student Library interns! Here is a little about the projects that they are involved with whilst they are working with us in the Library this semester:

  • Keira is working on the ‘Voice of the student’ project undertaking usability testing for LibGuides, digital learning objects and the reading list system eReserve. The Library provides access to many resources both physical and digital and we create many in-house resources to assist students in a variety of ways, from navigation and searching (Libguides, Webinars and videos) support resources for courses, (Digital Learning Objects – DLO’s),  and resources to help access resources at any time (eReserve and Libguides) such as required reading lists. This project focuses on usability testing and collecting feedback on these resources.  
  • Bradley is working on the ‘Revitalisation of Indigenous culture and knowledge’ project in our GLAMx Digitisation Lab at the Auchmuty Library reviewing recently digitised footage from the NBN Television archive (1980s-90s) to identify cultural knowledge associated with Aboriginal history and culture of Newcastle and the region. The finding aid created will be a valuable resource for researchers and the community. 
  • Jacqui is working on the ‘3D Content Design’ project developing a media library of top-quality 3D content, using technologies such 3D scanners and cameras, in collaboration with the Library’s MakerSpace and GLAMx Lab. The project seeks to identify and assess 2D content from the Library’s extensive collection suitable to covert to 3D format and create new content for display.
  • Maya is working on the ‘Student voice in Library communications’ project promoting LinkedIn Learning through our social media and digital channels. Showcasing this new University of Newcastle tool and highlighting how students can use it to strengthen workplace skills, improve employability and succeed as life-ready graduates of our University. 

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