How are you managing your stress leading into exams? COVID-19 has caused a lot of uncertainty and stress for students, but if you can adapt to these circumstances positively then you are resilient!

Challenging situations, however, are going to arise not just during university but throughout your career. You can develop your resilience by watching LinkedIn Learning courses (free for students), so you will be ready for anything in the future!

Over the last couple of months, the library has posted on the social media channels and blog; how you can improve your soft skills on LinkedIn Learning, so you can become a job-ready graduate. The final skill is resilience. How do you bounce back from difficult circumstances?

We first need to understand how to build resilience. LinkedIn Learning offers a great video on the Six Resilience Pillars, outlining how key skills like; confidence, adaptability and positivity will protect you from stress and anxiety in the work place. These skills are the foundation to your Resilience Mindset, which enables you to boost your productivity at work and your everyday life. After these LinkedIn Learning courses, you will be able to better communicate, handle challenges and reduce work fatigue!

However, sometimes challenges at work will knock you down. You will need to learn how to get back up. The LinkedIn Learning course, Embracing Unexpected Change breaks down the need for positivity in order to Build Your Resilience, especially during trying times. Re-evaluate your perspective on difficult circumstances and become resilient on LinkedIn Learning!

You may even find that during exam period, you procrastinate… a lot! Whether you can’t seem to start that essay or report for work, everyone suffers from a bit of procrastination. It may be preventing you from achieving your goals at university or career. The course, Overcoming Procrastination helps you to create strategies to prevent you from stalling your tasks and increase productivity!

Get not only exam ready, but job ready on LinkedIn Learning, so you that you will become a resilient employee.

We hope that you have improved upon your soft skills over the last few months, so that you’re a job ready graduate. But if you are only starting your LinkedIn Learning journey now, click here.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this great new tool! Send your comments to Ask the Library.

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