Welcome to University and to the Library. Please come and chat with our friendly staff and check out the range of resources and services available in the Library.

If you are new this semester a great place to begin is on our Getting Started page, here you can find out how to use our website, create a Library PIN and use the printers etc.

Library tours are on demand in the first weeks of each semester. Take time to discover the services and resources at your campus Library.

Upcoming Events:

Huxley Library has been relocated to Auchmuty Library. Take a tour of Auchmuty now to familiarise yourself with the new Callaghan Campus Library.

IGTV Library Tours in Week 1: Follow us on Instagram!

Breakfast at the Library:
Weeks 2 and 3 of Semester 1 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday (9am – 10am)
Free takeaway breakfast food available near the student kitchens.

Remember if you are unwell stay at home, we still can support you if you are studying off campus or online.

Stay updated with our COVID-19 Library updates and support page

Need help? Ask the Library

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