bb8flame star wars

May the Fourth Be with you today, it’s Star Wars Day! Embrace your inner Jedi (or Sith!) and enjoy Star Wars Day with UNSA, the Library MakerSpace and the Library.

Want to go old school, take a break from study and brush up on your Star Wars lore? Borrow the original trilogy: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi on DVD from the Library, we’ve even got DVD players you can use in the Library! And yes, you can borrow the prequel trilogy as well.

Or take a dive into Star Wars academia. From religion and pop cultures, robotics, education to psychology, Star Wars has been discussed, analysed and critiqued from every angle. Searching for ‘Star Wars’ in Library Search will reveal books, ebooks and journal articles from across the world.

Are you at uni on the 4th? Central Coast Campus is hosting not one but two activities: Jedi workshop at 9.30 am with Sons of Obiwan and BBQ lunch with the MakerSpace team who have free 3D printed Star Wars goodies!

Or if you are at Callaghan, head to Bar on the Hill at 12.30 pm for the Jedi Knight workshop and master the light sabre!

Need help? Ask the Library

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