Archives of Sexuality and Gender Trial

The Library trial of Archives of Sexuality and Gender is available now.

Also available via Newcat+

Archives of Sexuality & Gender, the largest historical collection available in support the knowledge of gender studies and sexuality education, enables academic scholars to make new connections in LGBTQ history and activism, cultural studies, psychology, health, political science, policy studies, gender history, and other related disciplines of research.

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This trial is available from Tuesday 1st October 2019 to Monday 4th November 2019.
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Innovation and Sustainability 2040


Innovation and Sustainability 2040, a film by Damon Gameau will be showing at the Ourimbah campus on 20 September at 6pm.

A documentary from Damon Gameau, the director of ‘That Sugar Film’,  explores the potential “positive impact of sustained innovation and growth, and how accepting change now would have incredible impacts on how we, and future generations treat the world around us”.

  • Starting at 6 pm, Take 3 for the Sea and the Community Environment Network will discuss current local strategies to prevent pollution prior to the showing.
  •  The film will start at 6:30.
  • Soup will be served – As this is a waste free event, please bring your own cup or mug.

Please book online for tickets.


LEGO Boost, Mindstorm and Classic sitting in front of a dark grey wall with white dots

Ourimbah MakerSpace opens in September

Ourimbah Library MakerSpace is nearly finished! We’ve gone from an empty room to a creative, collaborative space that’s almost ready for current students and staff to use. MakerSpace staff are busy setting up the sewing and embroidery machines, 3D printers and computers and *testing* the board games and LEGO!

You’ll be able to bring your own project to work on in the MakerSpace or start something new, all you need is an idea, we’ll provide the tools and space for you to tinker, create, discover and explore.

The MakerSpace doors will be open for all in September so get ready to make!

UON Volunteer Expo

This week at the Central Coast campus we are celebrating National Student Volunteers Week with a Volunteer Expo.

You can learn a variety of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills from volunteering. Benefits of volunteering include:

1. Challenging yourself 

  • gain work experience
  • make professional contacts
  • build your confidence

2. Being the Change

  • making an impact in the community
  • increasing awareness of important issues
  • raising funds to support the work of volunteer organisations

3. Celebrating each other

  • Encourage others to get involved
  • Share your story on social media or with friends and family
  • Promote inclusion and diversity

Have you volunteered before?

Pop into the Central Coast Library and let us know:

  • Who do you volunteer for?
  • What have you gained from your volunteer experience?





New Hacks back for semester 2

Would you like to learn how to study smarter at university? The Central Coast campus will be hosting NEW Hacks in the Library.  Weekly sessions will provide you with studying tips, tricks and hacks.

Sessions held 12pm – 1pm in the Ourimbah Campus Library.

Come along to our weekly Tuesday drop-in workshops which will be running from now until the end of October.  Next week will highlight volunteering, extracurricular activities, jobs on campus, mentoring, being a rover and more.

For upcoming workshop specifics check out our future NEW Hacks posts for drop-ins and workshops.

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Loeb Classical Library Trial

The Library trial of Loeb Classical Library is available now.

Also available via Newcat+

Loeb Classical Library aims to make Classical Greek and Latin literature accessible to the broadest range of readers. The digital Loeb Classical Library is an interconnected, fully searchable, perpetually growing, virtual library of all that is important in Greek and Latin literature. Epic and lyric poetry; tragedy and comedy; history, travel, philosophy, and oratory; medical writers and mathematicians. 530+ volumes of Latin, Greek, and English texts are available. Users can browse, search, bookmark, annotate, and share content.

The Library is actively seeking your feedback
This trial is available from Monday 29th July to Tuesday 27th August 2019.

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New databases – Oxford Handbooks Online History + Oxford Handbooks Online Religion

Two new databases are now available in Newcat+:

Oxford Handbooks Online History

A collection of handbooks on history containing in-depth, high-level articles by scholars at the top of their field. Monthly updates in advance of print publication ensure the most current, authoritative coverage.

Oxford Handbooks Online Religion

A comprehensive collection of essays on critical topics and emerging issues in the study of religion, authored by some of the most authoritative scholars in religious studies.

These databases are also available in ‘Database by title’

Veganism resources

Veganism has been in ‘the conversation‘ lately and UON’s Clare Collins has written a recent  article on nutrients that you may be lacking if are Vegan.

We have a variety of resources if you are interested in becoming Vegan or finding out more about Veganism such as:

  • Environmental impacts of industrial agriculture.
  • Health impacts of excessive meat and dairy consumption – meat and dairy production considered to be the worst offenders in terms of producing greenhouse gases and the loss of biodiversity.
  • Ontological grounds – we shouldn’t eat other sentient beings if we wish to have an ethical relationship with the world and it’s creatures.
  • Ecological Animalism.
  • Industrial Capitalism.
  • Moral and philosophical issues with meat eating.


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