Responses to Feedback 27 July 2015

2 August, 2015



Thank you for your feedback. While it is not possible to add doors to the quiet study area, we will ensure students understand the zoning in the new library and campus.

If you have further concerns or are disturbed by other students, please see the library staff who can assist with asking students to respect the zone or helping you find alternative seating.

Hi, I am writing to place a suggestion to return to the original set-up for APA referencing guide.  The old guide was quick and easy to use, with good examples.  The update that has been made to the website is terrible and not at all user friendly, I have to say I am extremely disappointed. Thanks for your time, warm regards.  Virginia

Dear Virginia,
The guide has the same or similar content as before if you are experiencing difficulties in using the guide please contact a Librarian at a service desk for further assistance.

Responses to Feedback 22 June 2015

22 June, 2015

The post grad. student room in the Auchmuty is cold. Not just a little colder than I might like it. I mean really cold – significantly colder than the rest of the library. This really does need to be looked into. Rather annoying when library staff tell you there is nothing to be done. I don’t expect instant results, but there must some way of getting it looked into. If you come into the post grad. room, especially at night, and see students with their coats and beenie’s left on and then go into the AIC, you will notice the difference.

Thanks for the feedback – we will ask IFS to investigate

Hi I am a regular user of the library and have to do a lot of printing during the duration of my course.
Though this is a small issue I wanted to bring it up as it can be easily rectified.
Could we have a stapler in the AIC capable of stapling a large number of pages together? I understand that there is one in the library on the level above but it is sometimes very hard to leave all my personal belongings in the AIC that could be stolen and go upstairs all for the sake of a stapler.
Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your feedback. Print charging covers the cost of paper and toner, the staplers provided for student use is a cost absorbed by the Library as a courtesy.
Due to the high volume of printing at the 24/7 environment a standard size stapler is the only size available as they are replaced on a weekly basis.

Why the heck is aircon switched off in late arvo at flowers reading room?! I’m freezing to death !

Thanks for your feedback – the Library is currently on extended hours for the exam period . The AIC was reset to accommodate the longer hours. It would seem the settings didn’t update for 20/6

Responses to Feedback 25 May 2015

25 May, 2015

Subject: RHD/post-grad space in the “Flower room” level of the Auchmuty Library.

as a post-graduate student I use often to go in the post-graduate dedicated (and more silent) area of the Flower Room level of the Auchmuty library, however, over the time I’ve noticed that desks, PCs places (and PCs) in there are not as clean as those in other areas of the Auchmuty library (e.g., those in the AIC space). I’m wondering if this is happening as a consequence of an electronic lock on the doors that can be unlocked by both post-graduate and librarian cards but not by a cleaner of the library? If so, it would be there a way for the cleaner to have a suitable card to access the area and keep it clean as much as the rest of the other library study areas?

Thanks a lot for your consideration.
Kind regards,

Dear Beatrice
Thank you for your feedback. In each break PCS are cleaned throughout the library. Unfortunately students working in the PG room requested that the cleaning not be done as the noise of cleaning and the smell of cleaning products was inconvenient. Next break the cleaning of the pcs will be advertised in advance and students will asked to relocate for the short time to allow the process completed.

I will also ask for additional cleaning of the area by contract cleaning staff.

Many thanks

Responses to Feedback 11 March 2015

11 March, 2015

Ive been using your great tutorial on endnote but now i can’t find it. Can you tell me where it is please. Ive looked at some on youtube and they dont cover what is in your tutorial. its great. i need to quick please help

Thanks for the feedback – The library is now utilsing the excellent information from Thomson Reuters ( the company that produces Endnote ). The web details are below. If you require assistance with endnote and you are a postgraduate student you can always contact your Faculty Librarian or Liaison Librarian.

Sorry, couldn’t find a new question section which matched my question.I’m wondering if a book/textbook can be reserved for pickup on a particular date in the future?Thanks.

Books on shelf can only be placed on hold from another campus library not from your home library.

Responses to Feedback 15 December 2014

15 December, 2014

The library hours are not displaying – very frustrating. Lift your game library.

Thank you for your feedback

To whom this may concern

I know that the information common (AIC) is the group talking zone and I respect the function of each zone in our library. However, when it comes to 10 pm, students are re-located to work at the AIC, which this means the place will contain both students who like to chat and the one who still want to work silently.
As I indicated I respect the rule of each zone, however, I do not accept the full of noise which is the reaction of Chinese students who come to play online-game almost every night. This group of game player always sit along the laptop desk in front of the English learner’s collection shelf, reacting to their game noisily, sometimes turning on the volume and shouting. Although this is the group talking zone but I do not think that noise should come from someone or some group are playing games. I also find the solution, putting headphone and listening to music. I once told the Rover about this problem and he really concern about my issue. He actually reminded those people about their noise, but they could stop just for a while.

Thank you for your feedback. To accommodate the needs of all students after Auchmuty Library closes the lab L267 in AIC is available for silent study after 9pm to 9am everyday. Please ask at the Information Desk for the room location. Posters are available in L267 lab advertising the mixed zone use and the times available for group or silent study.

Level 1 of the Library the “Journals room” is another available option for silent study.

Can we get the Wolfram CDF player Firefox plugin installed?

Thank yo for your feedback. I will forward this request to IT.
Information Services

I would like to express my concern for myself and other students who are trying to isolate themselves in silent zones to achieve the most efficient study possible.
The monitoring of students playing video games in the silent zone areas of the library is not being carried out at all. On more than several occasions I have had to relocate all my study equipment to other areas of the library, due to students playing video games in silent zones. The students playing these games are using their own laptops and bringing a portable mouse, where they continuously click their mouse over and over, creating a very distracting and unproductive study area. I know this may sound somewhat ridiculous, however the repetitive clicking becomes very annoying and agitating when trying to focus. I hope this issue can be addressed to further benefit those students who are willing to work hard and who should be able to do so without relocating more than twice a day to avoid students who want to play video games.

Thank you for your feedback . We will ask staff to monitor the silent rooms more regularly. ( Though this can sometimes be disruptive for people using the room).
Also we will add information to the zone posters and pamphlet about gaming & keyboard noise.
Best Wishes

Responses to Feedback 4 November 2014

4 November, 2014

As an RHD student at the School of Education, I have access to printers for free at AOB Building where my office is also located. I normally get papers from the school office and print for free at AOB. However, I prefer to go to Huxley and Auchmuty libraries to study due to the vibe here but printing here is costly. This could be a headache as I need to print plenty of my SPSS findings and every time doing so I have to get back to AOB or pay for printing at the libraries. So how about giving RHD students free printing credits to printers in these libraries? I think the library services can ask IT services to give very RHD students’ account a free printing privilege to library printers. I don’t think we RHD students will want to pay so they would go back their office and do free printing there. It would be very much more convenient to be able to print for free at library printers

Thank you for your feedback, please contact your Faculty for further advice on credit for printing.


Positive feedback:
Required some assistance to locate a journal. Rang general enquiries who directed me to the Chat line on the library page
The librarian who I chatted with was efficient and found the article I was looking for.
A very helpful service for me as a post graduate, off campus student.
Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback !

8/10/2014 The older male behind the front desk to Huxley library (greyish hair, medium build) was rude and arrogant! I asked to borrow an extension cord as there is no power available to parts of the library for me to power my laptop. I have borrowed an extension cord in the past. Instead of stating power cords are no longer available, he lectured me about people breaking the rules by lending a power cord in the first place and that I should of brought my own! In a perfect world, yes I would of brought my own, had I remembered! I did not ask for his opinion, simply asked to borrow a power cord!

Unfortunately, we do not loan out power cords. The Huxley library is a very busy library with students making use of every available space. Due to OH & S issues (trip hazards) it has never been our policy to loan out power boards or extension cords etc. If you have borrowed an extension cord previously, then it was an error, and I apologise for the confusion. I will reinforce the library’s policy to all staff to ensure consistency with our service.
Thank you very much for your feedback

The ebook system is not good- you cant copy out of the book, you cant retain information like you can with a photocopy of a real book – you still have to hand-copy a paragraph or a page of information ; why have ebook? Not a shortcut
Plus they time out???

You cant even keep the ebook in your computer – a BACKWARD STEP — NOT an ALTERNATIVE TO REAL BOOKS

Utterly hopeless plus someone is snooping on my borrowing habits – highly unethical and I hate it

Suggest a real book along with any ebooks in the library

Thank you

Hi, the library has moved to providing electronic access to resources to support our students both on and off campus. E resources have allowed students to have access to material without the problems associated with hoping the resources required for is in the library and not on loan.
The library has a number of different ‘collections’ which affect the way that you can view, print or download e-books. to help with using ebooks the library has prepared a guide which outlines what are the features of each collection
If you are having problems please contact the library through the “Ask the Library” link with details of the resource you are having issues with and we can assist

Re 119899
I suggested that the 2014 Boyer lectures now be purchased. The reply was that it wasn’t printed yet, but I sent the request to you having received an email from ABC books saying that it was now available. the original request has been ‘closed’ so that’s why I’m using this method to tell you now =). Thankyou, the transcripts are not available online yet so a swift purchase would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Thank you for the additional information – this TITLE has been ordered and you will be notified when it is available.


Responses to Feedback 18 September 2014

18 September, 2014

I would like to suggest that our university library to install one or two iMac desktops in the postgraduate study room in the Auchmuty library. All the desktops in postgraduate study room are Dells with Windows system, I am sure there is a certain proportion of RHD students are Mac users, it would be great if students have another choice if they want to study there.
The postgraduate study room in Auchmuty library is my favourite place to study in Callaghan campus, if there were Mac computers, it will be better.

I am almost completing my RHD program, I hope this suggestion will be considered and benefit other students.

Thank you for your feedback. We will look to add a mac In the next machine replacement cycle for the Auchmuty pg room. As an interim measure students can borrow macbooks from the AIC for use.

The new web interface is atrocious! It is confusing, difficult to navigate, often doesn’t find full-text links, doesn’t recognize journals that we have online access to when browsing through google, it is not easy to use database tools etc.
This is everything but!

Dear Professor Karayanidis
Thank you for your feedback about the new Library website and catalogue interface – NewCat+. We are sorry that you find it confusing and difficult to navigate.
The major difference between NewCat+ and the old catalogue is the ability to search most of our journal databases with a single search. This is something students and staff had been requesting for a long time. With the previous version of Newcat it was not possible to search at an article level. Instead users had to search each database individually. The introduction of this enhancement meant a shift to a new interface to accommodate article level search and some other new functions.

NewCat+ now has the ability to search across a hugely increased number and type of items and we understand that the new way of searching can be confusing at first. We have also experienced some early teething problems and will continue to implement progressive refinements to help make the system easier to use. Tips for searching are available at
and staff are also available to help at the information desks and via online chat. You may also like to contact your Faculty Librarian, for further assistance. Ann Stokes, the Faculty librarian for Science is currently on leave, however Michael Carr is available to provide assistance while she is away.

Catherine Moffat

Hi, the following link does not work for accessing the Journal of Marketing via “Full text may be available 2000 to present in American Marketing Association Journals”:…etc

which then brings up the following message for work needed by the library for this to happen:…etc

Can you please attend to this and let me know when it has been addressed?


Hi Phillip.
The link for this has now been amended.…etc

Erin Bright

It would be helpful for Occupational Therapy students if you had the Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools, & Early Intervention as an online resource for students.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have requested details of the subscription cost of this journal, then will seek advise from the OT discipline regarding commencing a subscription.

In the meantime, you can request any required articles from this journal via ArticleReach – please see the link from…etc

Thank you,

The male toilets adjacent to the Huxley Library are in need of renovation. There is always a shortage of paper towel, therefore the new Blade hot air hand dryers are preferable and reduce wasted paper towel and are there all the time so that hands can be washed and dried. this toilet facility still has the door that needs to be opened by hand to get in and out. Whats the use of washing you hands etc when yo then have to grab the dirty door handle to open the door and leave? Perhaps the Huxley toilets could be renovated to be like the toilets near the Mamaduke cafe? These toilets have a walk in/out entrance and hand dryers and multiple toilet cubicles. At the vry least please consider installing hand dryers to promote health and hygiene on the campus.

Thank you for the feedback. The toilets in the Hunter building are maintained by the University’s Facilities Management department. I will forward your concern onto them.


Dear Library Manager,
After filling in the library survey and collecting my voucher,I have not been able to redeem my free “regular hot beverage” due to the fact that for me, my regular drink contains soy milk. An unsatisfactory “we don’t do extras” with no other explanation was given by cafe staff. I even offered to pay the difference for the soy milk. I then asked library staff who firstly told me they probably couldn’t do anything about it. After they went and checked I was then told that the cafe couldn’t make it as they had no button on their till to make small additions like soy milk. I found this confusing as I have always been charged for soy milk and extra shots of coffee. They are always able to add on small additions in these cases? I spoke again to library staff on Friday afternoon ( I found her very helpful) and am now emailing you in the hope of resolving this matter. I would like my free hot beverage as advertised on my voucher, or I would like my survey input to be taken out of the system please.

Kind Regards

Hi Sally,
I’m sorry you were unable to get your coffee with soy. The Library negotiated with the cafes at each campus to pay for hot drinks for students to the cost of a regular hot beverage. We thought this would mean people who wanted additions such as soy that would normally cost more than a regular drink would be able to pay the difference. However this turned out not to be the case. I believe the issue is that as the Library is paying for the free drink there is no way for the cafe to register a small extra cost separately. We will certainly take this into account for future promotions.

I’ll contact you separately via your email to work out a way to resolve the matter for you.

Catherine Moffat

I do love the uon libraries, and I don’t know if others have had this problem or not, but it is pretty frustration:
For some reason when using library computers the internet is non-functional.
This happens when I go to google (not sure why bing is the default search engine) and search for something,
the results come up yet when I click on a link and it tries to load the page, and it seems like it times out with the
message “IE cannot display webpage”. This problem occurs 95-100% of the time, and usually happens even when I try to access even the google home page itself.
I’m a first year student and did open foundation, and have found this happening for all of my time here,
no matter if I’m in Auchmuty, Huxley, AIC, Ourimbah..
It making internet searching/surfing non-functional, a waste of time, and leaves me with
the question what’s the point in having internet access if it’s unfunctional


Thank you for your feedback. We are aware of the network slowness problems, but unfortunately it’s not something the Library has any control over.
I have passed on your feedback to IT and am awaiting a response.

I’d like to make a complaint about the Librarians in the city campus law/music library. The library is a quiet study space and the Librarians are always gossiping loudly and are extremely rude to students, especially international students. It is usually my favourite place to study in the city as it has a good vibe and is usually quiet with the exception of the noisy rude Librarians. I often have to wear earplugs to drown them out or try to get myself a spot inside one of the group study spaces. I now no longer study in there because it is getting so bad.

Thank you for your feedback . I have discussed your concerns with the City Campus Library Manager. The Library is a difficult place to zone due to its layout. The Av room is the designated silent study area and more silent spaces have been created outside in the library foyer . An additional study room has been created to assist with study needs.
Kind Regards


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