Responses to Feedback 20 June 2016

Hand dryer fault (UoN121974)
Hi I have noticed a very bad smell coming from the electronic hand dryer in the women’s bathroom near the Flowers room. It is the one nearest the corner..
when you dry your hands at it, It smells disgusting… just letting you know.. It has been like that for a few weeks now.
Please let me know when it has been addressed

Thank you we have reported the fault to Maintenance.

Endnote help praise  (UoN121952)
Thank you so much Amanda, Leonie and Debbie for your help in sorting my endnote problem (which was self inflicted) – this was much appreciated – and particularly the patient manner with which you helped me. I will not interfere with the settings again that’s for sure and use the library help notes, not endnote helpnotes !
Marjorie  Faculty of Health and Medicine

Thank you for your feedback

Air con temp (UoN121855)
Air conditioning is always cold in autumn and winter. Should consider an average temp.

Thank you for your feedback

Responses to Feedback 3 May 2016


Premier Pro software update (UoN121609)
The computers in the library should have the updated premier pro so that (mainly) Communication students can still do assignments out of hours. The most recent version is available in the ICT building but not the library. They’re both 2015 versions so only an update should be required.

It Services have scheduled this update and we are advised that it will ab available soon.  Thank you for your feedback.

Update furniture for Nyte Byte (UoN121630)
To whom it may concern
Over the years I have noticed the lounges in the the Nyte Byte area are quite worn out and look shabby. I was hoping that in the new year University admin would have replaced the old furniture considering all the other ‘new’ changes i see around the library. However, I am very disappointed that the same very worn out lounges sit there. I am putting this request forward reason being that I spend most of the weekends and late night study time in that area and during the late hours one needs a clean place for rest and reflection. Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback.

Placing Holds in the catalogue (UoN121514)
Unhappy with the holds on library webpage. Put books on hold from huxley and auchmuty to pick up at huxley only to be told once I came in to collect them that these types of holds were not going to be honoured. Luckily the books had not been borrowed by somebody else but I had to go to the other library to pick up several books which was inconvenient for me. I don’t understand why you are given the option to put these types of holds on the system when they are not honoured.

Thank you for your feedback , we are looking into resolving this issue.

Responses to Feedback 27 January 2016

Squeaky Tables (UoN121238)    
In the Med Reserve there are two big wooden tables.
They’re lovely to study at because they have lots of space for all your books, notes etc
However they’re a bit squeaky ie, whenever a weight is placed or taken off them, the table emits a creaking/ groaning sound
I am embarrassed whenever I disturb the other people in the room
Is there anything that can be done? I’m sure the joints within the table are just a bit loose and some glue or screw tightening would resolve the issue

thanks for letting us know – we will place a request to have the tables repaired.

Access for Retired Academics (UoN121389)
I was a tenured member of the academic staff for over 20 years. I have been retired for 16 years and I am no longer a Conjoint Staff Member. Do I have any borrowing rights and/or rights of access to online collections? If so how do I go about gaining access to the Library System? As you will see below I no longer have a University Email address.

Dear Duncan,
Recently retired staff are eligible for free membership if they have completed a minimum of 5 years service and have maintained a good borrowing record. If you do not meet the criteria, you are eligible for community membership.

Please apply in writing to:
The University Librarian, Auchmuty Library, University of Newcastle, Callaghan NSW 2308
Staff are responsible for any materials for which there are loan records in their name. This responsibility ends only when the loan record is officially cancelled.
Membership for Retired University Staff does NOT include remote access to electronic library resources or requests via BONUS+
All loans are subject to recall and must be returned when requested. Failure to return recalled material may result in loss of borrowing privileges.
Retired staff are not subject to fines for late return of University of Newcastle items. All staff receive fines for non return of University of Newcastle items.
Borrowing is suspended when more than $15 is owed.

This is the link to the staff-borrowing webpage
I have provided the link to the Community guide – detailed information about access to electronic resources.
Kind regards


Responses to Feedback 26 October 2015

Excellent service    (UoN121093)
Just wanted to praise the excellent service I was given by the ‘ask a librarian’ live chat. I have now received the article I requested through Get It. Thanks so much for excellent service and prompt delivery.

Thank you for the feedback.

Noise in Quiet Zone  (UoN121134)
The quiet area near the study rooms can be loud sometimes, maybe a self closing door on the study room would be an idea as the door is always open. Another thing is, with a TAFE onsite, does anyone have a drill so leads don’t need to be slung over study tables, just an idea. Thanks.

Thanks for your feedback. If the noise is disturbing to your studies please let the Library staff know and they will assist in directing you to silent zones or ask the students to reduce the noise level. Please if we can help you in any other way let us know and we will be glad to help.

Responses to Feedback 14 September 2015.

The library closes too early on weekends. Many times I have been leaving at closing itme, with many still in the Library, but down in the AIC it is full to capacity, with queues for computers, laptop and reading areas are full and there is absolutely no where to relocate too. It is still early in the semester and only going to get worse.

Also I think the keys for group rooms needs to be reintroduced, so many people just go room shopping and never check if it is booked online, then it is difficult to make them get out when you have it booked, or people come and interrupt you looking for a vacant room.

Thanks for your feedback . The library will be looking at extended hours prior to exams in october ,
Please see library staff if you require assistance with a room you have booked.

Hi there needs to be a foam roll available for students to use in AIC ! the long hours of study caused lots of back pain ! Also i wish that a treadmill and a bike can be put into the journal room in AIC ! some cardio will be great with study ! The light is too dim at the research desk in the journal room in AIC ! bad for eyes !!! Also I wish there’s a cash converter in AIC for people to use so that they can use the vending more easily so that I can constantly purchasing chips and eat them !!!! Also hope the vending machine sell cup noodles !!!!! Seriously Please consider that !!!!!! T H A N K S H E A P S !!! If we can’t have a pokie machine in AIC I’d love to have a proper vending machine that feeds me 24/7 with my credit card !!

Hi thanks for the feedback.
Journals Room space will soon change to be zoned to accommodate group and silent use. Your feedback about the light is noted.
Vending machine products and payments will be reviewed with the machine owners to see what options may be available to change.
If you need to take a study break away from the computers The Forum offers competitive memberships or you may like the following article.

I have had many issues with Students overstaying their time in group rooms and having to be prompted to leave, and soo many times I have come to a room I have booked to find someone else in it, and having to argue with people to get them out. Students are not bothering to check if the room is booked, and I think the need for rooms to be locked and keys having to be obtained needs to be introduced again.

On Sunday at around 5pm there was still quite a number of students in the library, downstairs in the AIC, the computers were full, the laptop sections including part near coffee shop was full, and there was even a lot of people in the reading area opposite cafe. I have found this often mid-semester on a Saturday and Sunday, and I feel the weekend closing time for the library needs to be later;

Thank you for your feedback, if you ever you have any problems with students not vacating a booked room please see library staff for assistance.
Your feedback on Library hours is also very useful, it will assist with planning for second semester and 2016

Responses to Feedback 25 August 2015

Just wondering if the Huxley library could start reducing the insanely hot temperatures. It’s always too hot in here, winter or summer – and there’s only so much layering of one’s outfit that can be of any help. The outdoor temperatures are very mild so having the thermostat set to the 20’s is really not necessary and causes great discomfort.

Thank you for your feedback. We’ve asked Facilities management to investigate the A/C temperatures.

I want a make a complaint, pertaining to why the library no longer provides the facility for customers to staple their printing using the high capacity stapler that has always been located in the AIC, I was told by a staff member that this is no longer the case due to the fact ‘we don’t like people using it’, it is already an exorbitant cost for printing at 18c a double page, and for stapling facilities for large jobs to not be available anymore is appalling.

Thank you for your feedback. AIC has a range of staplers including a 20+ page model freely available on the front  low section of the staff desk. The stapler could have been in use by another at the time you required.

The newcat library system not allow you to place a book on hold if it is listed as available at the library at which you wish to pick the book up. Eg. placing a hold on a book that is listed as available on the shelf at Auchmuty to be picked up at Auchmuty. The impression given by placing a hold on the book is that the book will be held for a limited time for you to pick up. This simply does not happen and placing a hold on a book in this situation is completely redundant and misleading. Essentially placing a hold on a book in this situation does nothing as the book can still be freely borrowed by other people, so there is no ‘hold’ on the book. There is little literature online regarding the process.

Thank you for your feedback. We are looking at ways to improve this sitiuation and also updating the information on the website

the printing page says you have a laminating service but you don’t

Thank you for your feedback, the information has been updated.

Responses to Feedback 27 July 2015



Thank you for your feedback. While it is not possible to add doors to the quiet study area, we will ensure students understand the zoning in the new library and campus.

If you have further concerns or are disturbed by other students, please see the library staff who can assist with asking students to respect the zone or helping you find alternative seating.

Hi, I am writing to place a suggestion to return to the original set-up for APA referencing guide.  The old guide was quick and easy to use, with good examples.  The update that has been made to the website is terrible and not at all user friendly, I have to say I am extremely disappointed. Thanks for your time, warm regards.  Virginia

Dear Virginia,
The guide has the same or similar content as before if you are experiencing difficulties in using the guide please contact a Librarian at a service desk for further assistance.

Responses to Feedback 22 June 2015

The post grad. student room in the Auchmuty is cold. Not just a little colder than I might like it. I mean really cold – significantly colder than the rest of the library. This really does need to be looked into. Rather annoying when library staff tell you there is nothing to be done. I don’t expect instant results, but there must some way of getting it looked into. If you come into the post grad. room, especially at night, and see students with their coats and beenie’s left on and then go into the AIC, you will notice the difference.

Thanks for the feedback – we will ask IFS to investigate

Hi I am a regular user of the library and have to do a lot of printing during the duration of my course.
Though this is a small issue I wanted to bring it up as it can be easily rectified.
Could we have a stapler in the AIC capable of stapling a large number of pages together? I understand that there is one in the library on the level above but it is sometimes very hard to leave all my personal belongings in the AIC that could be stolen and go upstairs all for the sake of a stapler.
Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your feedback. Print charging covers the cost of paper and toner, the staplers provided for student use is a cost absorbed by the Library as a courtesy.
Due to the high volume of printing at the 24/7 environment a standard size stapler is the only size available as they are replaced on a weekly basis.

Why the heck is aircon switched off in late arvo at flowers reading room?! I’m freezing to death !

Thanks for your feedback – the Library is currently on extended hours for the exam period . The AIC was reset to accommodate the longer hours. It would seem the settings didn’t update for 20/6

Responses to Feedback 25 May 2015

Subject: RHD/post-grad space in the “Flower room” level of the Auchmuty Library.

as a post-graduate student I use often to go in the post-graduate dedicated (and more silent) area of the Flower Room level of the Auchmuty library, however, over the time I’ve noticed that desks, PCs places (and PCs) in there are not as clean as those in other areas of the Auchmuty library (e.g., those in the AIC space). I’m wondering if this is happening as a consequence of an electronic lock on the doors that can be unlocked by both post-graduate and librarian cards but not by a cleaner of the library? If so, it would be there a way for the cleaner to have a suitable card to access the area and keep it clean as much as the rest of the other library study areas?

Thanks a lot for your consideration.
Kind regards,

Dear Beatrice
Thank you for your feedback. In each break PCS are cleaned throughout the library. Unfortunately students working in the PG room requested that the cleaning not be done as the noise of cleaning and the smell of cleaning products was inconvenient. Next break the cleaning of the pcs will be advertised in advance and students will asked to relocate for the short time to allow the process completed.

I will also ask for additional cleaning of the area by contract cleaning staff.

Many thanks

Responses to Feedback 11 March 2015

Ive been using your great tutorial on endnote but now i can’t find it. Can you tell me where it is please. Ive looked at some on youtube and they dont cover what is in your tutorial. its great. i need to quick please help

Thanks for the feedback – The library is now utilsing the excellent information from Thomson Reuters ( the company that produces Endnote ). The web details are below. If you require assistance with endnote and you are a postgraduate student you can always contact your Faculty Librarian or Liaison Librarian.

Sorry, couldn’t find a new question section which matched my question.I’m wondering if a book/textbook can be reserved for pickup on a particular date in the future?Thanks.

Books on shelf can only be placed on hold from another campus library not from your home library.