That’s me, that’s my ID !

Make your Author IDs work for you.  Harness the power of Author Identifiers to Maximise Your Research Impact

Author IDs are a good way to help make sure your work is being credited to you.  Having and using Author IDs makes it easier for your research to be correctly attributed to you and any associated metrics such as citations are recorded for you. Three Author IDs that can help to maximise your impact and visibility are ScopusId and ResearcherID, and ORCID.

Scopus Author ID (Elsevier)

ResearcherID (Clarivate Analytics prev. Thomson Reuters)


Read more about ORCID here.

Using your Author IDs can save you time!

Here are two things that you can do to save time.

  1. Add your identifiers into the NURO publications system to link your identifiers with your publications within NURO. This will save you time in the future because your publications are automatically and instantly claimed on your behalf. Linking more than one ID in NURO helps with more comprehensive matching of your publications. For example, Scopus and Web of Science provide coverage of literature across different disciplines. Utilising multiple Author IDs provides an efficient method to showcase your research.
  2. Add your Author IDs to your UON online researcher profile today!

Read more on how to Maximise your research impact and visibility

Need Help?

Contact your Senior Research Librarian.

3.5 million reasons for you to have an ORCID!

Don’t have an ORCID? Now’s the time to join the 3.5 million researchers around the world who do!

Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) is all about you and here’s why you should create one today:

1.    You’re unique!  You can uniquely identify yourself to make sure you get credit for all of your work.  What’s in a name? Having an ORCID helps to distinguish your work from other researchers with the same or a similar name.

2.    That’s my work! You can connect your ORCID with your publications, grants, your research activity and your online research profile.

3.    Save me time!  Publishers and funding agencies are increasingly asking researchers for their ORCID as part of manuscript submission for publishing and for grant applications. Having an ORCID will save you time, enter once and re-use often.


How do you get one?

At UON creating an ORCID is easy and takes only a few minutes.

  • Login to NURO (with your UON ID and password)
  • From your NURO Homepage, click the Menu tab > click Search Settings
  • Scroll down to locate Source Specific Search Terms
  • Locate ORCID in your list of online data sources
  • Click Configure and follow the online instructions
  • Don’t forget to allow NURO to access your ORCID record. This will connect your ORCID with your publications at UON.

And best of all, your ORCID is your lifelong digital ID for you and your research, travelling with you throughout your career. Like to know more? Checkout out the Library’s information and help for ORCID.

Create an ORCID today and start using it tomorrow.